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FX-427-DFC-E2TEB View Datasheet(PDF) - Vectron International

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FX-427-DFC-E2TEB Low Jitter Frequency Translator Vectron
Vectron International Vectron
FX-427-DFC-E2TEB Datasheet PDF : 8 Pages
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Low Jitter Frequency Translator
Quartz-based PLL for Ultra-Low Jitter
Frequency Translation up to 850 MHz
Accepts 4 externally-muxed clock inputs
LVCMOS/LVDS/LVPECL Inputs Compatible
Differential LVPECL Outputs
Lock Detect
Output Disable
20.3 x 13.7 x 5.1 mm surface mount package
Compliant to EC RoHS Directive
The FX-427 is a precision quartz-based frequency
translator used to translate 1 to 4 selected input
clocks as low as 8 kHz to an integer multiple as
high as 850 MHz. The FX-427’s superior jitter
performance is achieved through the filtering action
of the on-board voltage-controlled SAW oscillator
(VCSO) and integrated loop filter. Two low-jitter
outputs are provided. Monitoring and control
functionality are also standard features.
Wireless Infrastructure
802.16 BTS
10 Gigabit FC
OADM and IP Routers
Test Equipment
Figure 1. Functional Block Diagram
Vectron International, 267 Lowell Road, Hudson, NH 03051
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Tel: 1-88-VECTRON-1 Web: www.vectron.com
Rev: 8Nov06
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