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FDC37B773 View Datasheet(PDF) - SMSC -> Microchip

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
FDC37B773 Enhanced Super I/O Controller with Wake-Up Features and Consumer IR SMSC
SMSC -> Microchip SMSC
FDC37B773 Datasheet PDF : 196 Pages
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Note 7:
The “activate” bit for Serial Port 2 (CIrCC) is reset by VTR POR only. The VCC power-up
default for this pin is Logic “1”. Do not use this pin for infrared transceivers that are
transmit active high.
Buffer Type Descriptions
Input, TTL compatible.
Input with Schmitt trigger.
IOD16 Input/Open Drain Output, 16mA sink.
IO24 Input/Output, 24mA sink, 12mA source.
IO4 Input/Output, 4mA sink, 2mA source.
Output, 4mA sink, 2mA source.
O24 Output, 24mA sink, 12mA source.
OD24 Output, Open Drain, 24mA sink.
ICLK Clock Input
IO12 Input/Output, 12mA sink, 6mA source
O12 Output, 12mA sink, 6mA source
OD12 Output, Open Drain, 12 mA sink
O24PD Output, 12mA sink, 6mA source with 30 µA pull-down
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