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FDC37C672 View Datasheet(PDF) - SMSC -> Microchip

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FDC37C672 Enhanced Super I/O Controller with Fast IR SMSC
SMSC -> Microchip SMSC
FDC37C672 Datasheet PDF : 173 Pages
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Enhanced Super I/O Controller with Fast IR
Chapter 1 General Description
The FDC37C672 with Consumer IR and IrDA v1.1 support incorporates a keyboard interface, SMSC's true
CMOS 765B floppy disk controller, advanced digital data separator, two 16C550 compatible UARTs, one
Multi-Mode parallel port which includes ChiProtect circuitry plus EPP and ECP, on-chip 24 mA AT bus
drivers, two floppy direct drive support, Intelligent power management and SMI support. The true CMOS
765B core provides 100% compatibility with IBM PC/XT and PC/AT architectures in addition to providing
data overflow and underflow protection. The SMSC advanced digital data separator incorporates SMSC's
patented data separator technology, allowing for ease of testing and use. Both on-chip UARTs are
compatible with the NS16C550. The parallel port is compatible with IBM PC/AT architecture, as well as
IEEE 1284 EPP and ECP. The FDC37C672 incorporates sophisticated power control circuitry (PCC).
The PCC supports multiple low power down modes.
The FDC37C672 supports the ISA Plug-and-Play Standard (Version 1.0a) and provides the recommended
functionality to support Windows '95. The I/O Address, DMA Channel and Hardware IRQ of each logical
device in the FDC37C672 may be reprogrammed through the internal configuration registers. There are
480 I/O address location options, 8 parallel IRQs, an optional Serialized IRQ interface, and three DMA
The FDC37C672 does not require any external filter components and is therefore easy to use and offers
lower system costs and reduced board area. The FDC37C672 is software and register compatible with
SMSC's proprietary 82077AA core.
IBM, PC/XT and PC/AT are registered trademarks and PS/2 is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation. SMSC is
a registered trademark and Ultra I/O, ChiProtect, and Multi-Mode are trademarks of Standard Microsystems Corporation.
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Rev. 10-29-03
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