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EN29LV160C 16 Megabit (2048K x 8-bit / 1024K x 16-bit) Flash Memory Boot Sector Flash Memory, CMOS 3.0 Volt-only Eon
Eon Silicon Solution Inc. Eon
EN29LV160C Datasheet PDF : 44 Pages
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16 Megabit (2048K x 8-bit / 1024K x 16-bit) Flash Memory
Boot Sector Flash Memory, CMOS 3.0 Volt-only
3.0V, single power supply operation
- Minimizes system level power requirements
High performance
- Access times as fast as 70 ns
Low power consumption (typical values at 5
- 9 mA typical active read current
- 20 mA typical program/erase current
- Less than 1 μA standby current
Flexible Sector Architecture:
- One 16-Kbyte, two 8-Kbyte, one 32-Kbyte,
and thirty-one 64-Kbyte sectors (byte mode)
- One 8-Kword, two 4-Kword, one 16-Kword
and thirty-one 32-Kword sectors (word mode)
Sector protection :
- Hardware locking of sectors to prevent
program or erase operations within individual
- Additionally, temporary Sector Group
Unprotect allows code changes in previously
locked sectors.
Secured Silicon Sector
- Provides a 128-words area for code or data
that can be permanently protected.
- Once this sector is protected, it is prohibited
to program or erase within the sector again.
High performance program/erase speed
- Byte/Word program time: 8µs typical
- Sector erase time: 100ms typical
- Chip erase time: 4s typical
JEDEC Standard program and erase
JEDEC standard DATA# polling and toggle
bits feature
Single Sector and Chip Erase
Sector Unprotect Mode
Embedded Erase and Program Algorithms
Erase Suspend / Resume modes:
Read and program another Sector during
Erase Suspend Mode
Triple-metal double-poly triple-well CMOS
Flash Technology
Low Vcc write inhibit < 2.5V
minimum 100K program/erase endurance
Package Options
- 48-pin TSOP (Type 1)
- 48 ball 6mm x 8mm TFBGA
Industrial Temperature Range
The EN29LV160C is a 16-Megabit, electrically erasable, read/write non-volatile flash memory,
organized as 2,097,152 bytes or 1,048,576 words. Any byte can be programmed typically in 8µs. The
EN29LV160C features 3.0V voltage read and write operation, with access times as fast as 70ns to
eliminate the need for WAIT states in high-performance microprocessor systems.
The EN29LV160C has separate Output Enable (OE#), Chip Enable (CE#), and Write Enable (WE#)
controls, which eliminate bus contention issues. This device is designed to allow either single Sector or
full chip erase operation, where each Sector can be individually protected against program/erase
operations or temporarily unprotected to erase or program. The device can sustain a minimum of 100K
program/erase cycles on each Sector.
This Data Sheet may be revised by subsequent versions
or modifications due to changes in technical specifications.
© 2004 Eon Silicon Solution, Inc.,
Rev. C, Issue Date: 2011/10/26
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