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BU2630FV View Datasheet(PDF) - ROHM Semiconductor

Part NameBU2630FV ROHM
ROHM Semiconductor ROHM
DescriptionDual PLL frequency synthesizer
BU2630FV Datasheet PDF : 8 Pages
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Communication ICs
Dual PLL frequency synthesizer
BU2630F / BU2630FV
The BU2630F / BU2630FV are a CMOS LSI with an internal dual PLL synthesizer.
VCOs for transmission and reception can be controlled independently, and the reference frequency and main counter
settings can also be programmed separately. This product is designed for applications involving cordless telephones
and communications equipment worldwide.
Cordless telephones, amateur short wave radios, industrial transceivers, VHF / UHF frequency generators, and others
1) Operation possible at up to 80MHz (VDD = 2.5).
2) Low current dissipation
Dual-system operation : 2.2mA (typ), VDD = 3V
Single-system operation : 1.2mA (typ), VDD = 3V
Non-operating state : 0.2mA (typ), VDD = 3V
3) 16-bit main counter.
4) Internal 14-bit reference frequency counter.
5) Unlock detection possible.
6) Four output ports. (open drain)
7) Control possible using 3-wire serial input.
FBlock diagram
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