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BTS7740G View Datasheet(PDF) - Infineon Technologies

Part NameBTS7740G Infineon
Infineon Technologies Infineon
DescriptionTrilith IC
BTS7740G Datasheet PDF : 16 Pages
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BTS 7740 G
Data Sheet
1.1 Features
• Quad D-MOS switch driver
• Free configurable as bridge or quad-switch
• Optimized for DC motor management applications
• Low RDS ON: 110 mτ high-side switch, 100 mτ low-
side switch (typical values @ 25 C)
• Maximum peak current: typ. 8 A @ 25 C=
• Very low quiescent current: typ. 5 A @ 25 C=
• Small outline, enhanced power P-DSO-package
• Full short-circuit-protection
• Operates up to 40 V
• Status flag diagnosis
• Overtemperature shut down with hysteresis
• Internal clamp diodes
• Isolated sources for external current sensing
• Under-voltage detection with hysteresis
• PWM frequencies up to 1 kHz
BTS 7740 G
Ordering Code
1.2 Description
The BTS 7740 G is part of the TrilithIC family containing three dies in one package:
One double high-side switch and two low-side switches. The drains of these three
vertical DMOS chips are mounted on separated leadframes. The sources are connected
to individual pins, so the BTS 7740 G can be used in H-bridge- as well as in any other
configuration. Both the double high-side and the two low-side switches of the
BTS 7740 G are manufactured in SMART SIPMOS® technology which combines low
RDS ON vertical DMOS power stages with CMOS control circuitry. The high-side switch is
fully protected and contains the control and diagnosis circuitry. Also the low-side
switches are fully protected, the equivalent standard product is the BSP 77.
In contrast to the BTS 7750 G, which consists of lower ohmic chips in the same
package, the BTS 7740 G offers a lower price for applications, which do not need the
high current capability of the BTS 7750 G or BTS 7750 GP.
Data Sheet
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