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P-TO263-15-1 View Datasheet(PDF) - Siemens AG

Part NameP-TO263-15-1 Siemens
Siemens AG Siemens
P-TO263-15-1 Datasheet PDF : 17 Pages
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BTS 780
Target Data
• Quad switch driver
• Free configurable as bridge or quad-switch
• Optimized for DC motor management applications
• Ultra low RDS ON @ 25 °C:
High-side switch: typ. 35 m,
Low-side switch: typ. 15 m
• Very high peak current capability
• Very low quiescent current
• Space- and thermal optimized SMD-Power-Package
• Load and GND-short-circuit-protected
• Operates up to 40 V
• 2-Bit status flag diagnosis
• Overtemperature shut down with hysteresis
• Short-circuit detection and diagnosis
• Open-load detection and diagnosis
• C-MOS compatible inputs
• Internal clamp diodes
• Isolated sources for external current sensing
• Over- and under-voltage detection with hysteresis
BTS 780
Ordering Code
on request
The BTS 780 is a TrilithIC contains one double high-side switch and two low-side
switches in one P-TO263-15-1.
“Silicon instead of heatsink”
becomes true
The ultra low RDS ON of this device avoids powerdissipation. It saves costs in mechanical
construction and mounting and increases the efficiency.
The high-side switches are produced in the SIEMENS SMART SIPMOS® technology. It
is fully protected and contains the signal conditioning circuitry for diagnosis (the
comparable standard high-side product is the BTS 734L1).
Semiconductor Group
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