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ADC1031 Просмотр технического описания (PDF) - National ->Texas Instruments

Номер в каталогеADC1031 National-Semiconductor
National ->Texas Instruments National-Semiconductor
Компоненты Описание10-Bit Serial I/O A/D Converters with Analog Multiplexer and Track/Hold Function
ADC1031 Datasheet PDF : 18 Pages
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3 0 Analog Considerations (Continued)
External Reference 2 5V Full Scale
Power Supply as Reference
Input Not Referred to GND
TL H 10556–20
TL H 10556 – 21
FIGURE 3 Analog Input Options
TL H 10556 – 22
Current path must still exist from VIN(b) to
The two VREF inputs of the ADC1031 4 8 are fully differen-
tial and define the zero to full-scale input range of the A to D
converter This allows the designer to easily vary the span
of the analog input since this range will be equivalent to the
voltage difference between VREFa and VREFb By reduc-
ing VREF (VREF e VREFa b VREFb) to less than 5V the
sensitivity of the converter can be increased (i e if VREF e
2V then 1 LSB e 1 95 mV) The input reference arrange-
ment also facilitates ratiometric operation and in many
cases the chip power supply can be used for transducer
power as well as the VREF source
This reference flexibility lets the input span not only be var-
ied but also offset from zero The voltage at VREFb sets the
input level which produces a digital output of all zeros
Though VIN is not itself differential the reference design
allows nearly differential-input capability for many measure-
ment applications Figure 3 shows some of the configura-
tions that are possible
The ADC1031 has no VREFb pin VREFb is internally tied to
Power Supply Bypassing
TL H 10556–23
TL H 10556 – 24
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