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AD1385KD Просмотр технического описания (PDF) - Analog Devices

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AD1385KD 16-Bit 500 kHz Wide Temperature Range Sampling ADC ADI
Analog Devices ADI
AD1385KD Datasheet PDF : 20 Pages
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Figure 17. Start-Convert Controlled Conversion Timing
Figure 18. Free Running Conversion Timing
At this point a new conversion will be initiated. The minimum
setup and hold times for Start Convert relative to the rising
clock edge are 10 ns. Start Convert transitions should not be
placed in the window which begins 100 ns (one clock period)
after the rising edge of Hold Command Out and which ends
1300 ns (thirteen clock periods) after this rising edge (see Fig-
ure 17). This minimizes internal coupling between Start Con-
vert and sensitive internal circuit nodes.
rising edge of Start Convert places the T/H into Hold mode; the
A/D conversion cycle begins with the first rising clock edge after
the Start Convert transition, and Start Convert must remain
high during at least one rising clock edge in order to begin the
conversion. The width of Start Convert should be either less
than 150 ns or greater than 1400 ns to minimize coupling be-
tween the falling edge of Start Convert and sensitive internal
nodes. In asynchronous operation the T/H will remain in Hold
Transmission line effects at the Start Convert input should be
considered when designing circuit boards for the AD1385. A se-
ries termination resistor of 50 to 100 is recommended when
the source of Start Convert is more than a few inches away from
the AD1385. This will control reflections and transients which
could otherwise degrade the part’s performance.
Asynchronous Operation
In synchronous operation the T/H is placed into Hold mode by
the first rising clock edge after Start Convert goes high. This
mode of operation provides maximum rejection of system clock
noise. Some applications may require the AD1385 to operate
asynchronously, that is, with the Start Convert input directly
controlling the track-to-hold transition. This may be achieved
using a 2-input OR gate connected as shown in Figure 19. The
Figure 19. Connecting the AD1385 to Sample the Input
Signal Asynchronously from the Clock
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