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AC03BGM Thyristor Product Catalog Teccor-Electronics
Teccor Electronics 
AC03BGM Datasheet PDF : 223 Pages
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Sensitive Triacs
(0.8 A to 8 A)
General Description
Teccor's line of sensitive gate triacs includes devices with current
capabilities through 8 A. Voltage ranges are available from 200 V
to 600 V. This line features devices with guaranteed gate control
in Quadrants II and IV as well as control in the commonly used
Quadrants I and III. Four-quadrant control devices require
sensitive gate triacs. They can be controlled by digital circuitry
where positive-only or negative-only pulses must control AC
current in both directions through the device. Note that triacs with
low IGT values in Quadrants II and IV will have lower dv/dt
The sensitive gate triac is a bidirectional AC switch and is gate
controlled for either polarity of main terminal voltage. It is used
primarily for AC switching and phase control applications such as
motor speed controls, temperature modulation controls, and
lighting controls.
The epoxy TO-92 and TO-220 configurations feature Teccor's
electrically-isolated construction where the case or mounting tab
is internally isolated from the semiconductor chip and lead
attachments. Non-isolated epoxy TO-202 packages are available
as well as TO-251 and surface mount TO-252 (D-Pak). Tape-
and-reel capability and tube packing also are available. See
“Packing Options” section of this catalog.
All Teccor triacs have glass-passivated junctions. This glassing
process prevents migration of contaminants and ensures long-
term device reliability with parameter stability.
Variations of devices covered in this data sheet are available for
custom design applications. Consult factory for more information.
• Electrically-isolated packages
• Glass-passivated junctions ensure long device
reliability and parameter stability
• Voltage capability — up to 600 V
• Surge capability — up to 80 A
• Four-quadrant gating guaranteed
Compak Sensitive Gate Triac
• Surface mount package — 0.8 A and 1 A series
• New small profile three-leaded Compak package
• Packaged in embossed carrier tape with 2,500
devices per reel
• Can replace SOT-223
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