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Teccor Electronics 
AC03BGM Datasheet PDF : 223 Pages
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Quality and Reliability
Reliability Stress Tests
The following table contains brief descriptions of the reliability tests commonly used in evaluating Teccor product reliability on a peri-
odic basis. These tests are applied across product lines depending on product availability and test equipment capacities. Other tests
may be performed when appropriate.
Test Type
High Temperature
AC Blocking
High Temperature
Storage Life
Temperature and Humidity
Bias Life
Temperature Cycle
[Air to Air]
Thermal Shock
[Liquid to Liquid]
Resistance to
Solder Heat
Typical Conditions
Test Description
TA = 100 °C to 150 °C, Bias @
Rated VDRM, t = 24 hrs to 1000 hrs
Evaluation of the reliability of
product under bias conditions
and elevated temperature
MIL-STD-750, M-1040
TA = 150 °C, t = 250 to 1000 hrs Evaluation of the effects on
devices after long periods of
storage at high temperature
MIL-STD-750, M-1031
TA = 85 °C to 95 °C, rh = 85% to
Bias @ 80% Rated VDRM
(320 VDC max)
t = 168 to 1008 hrs
Evaluation of the reliability of non- EIA / JEDEC, JESD22-A101
hermetic packaged devices in
humid environments
TA = -65 °C to 150 °C,
cycles = 10 to 500
Evaluation of the device’s ability
to withstand the exposure to
extreme temperatures and the
forces of TCE during transitions
between temperatures
MIL-STD-750, M-1051,
TA = 0 °C to 100 °C, ttxfr = 10 s,
cycled = 10 to 20
Evaluation of the device’s ability MIL-STD-750, M-1056
to withstand the sudden changes
in temperature and exposure to
extreme temperatures
TA = 121 °C, rh = 100%, P = 15 psig, Accelerated environmental test to EIA / JEDEC, JESD22-A102
t = 24 hrs to 168 hrs
evaluate the moisture resistance
of plastic packages
TA = 260 °C, t = 10 s
Evaluation of the device’s ability MIL-STD-750, M-2031
to withstand the temperatures as
seen in wave soldering
Steam aging = 1 hr to 8 hrs,
Tsolder = 245 °C, Flux = R
Evaluation of the solderability of MIL-STD-750, M-2026,
device terminals after an
extended period
Flammability Test
For the UL 94V0 flammability test, all expoxies used in Teccor encapsulated devices are recognized by Underwriters Laboratories
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