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Teccor Electronics 
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Quality and Reliability
It is Teccor’s policy to ship quality products on time. We accom-
plish this through Total Quality Management based on the funda-
mentals of customer focus, continuous improvement, and people
In support of this commitment, Teccor applies the following princi-
• Employees shall be respected, involved, informed, and qualified
for their job with appropriate education, training, and experience.
• Customer expectations shall be met or exceeded by consistently
shipping products that meet the agreed specifications, quality
levels, quantities, schedules, and test and reliability parameters.
• Suppliers shall be selected by considering quality, service, deliv-
ery, and cost of ownership.
• Design of products and processes will be driven by customer
needs, reliability, and manufacturability.
It is the responsibility of management to incorporate these
principles into policies and systems.
It is the responsibility of those in leadership roles to coach their
people and to reinforce these principles.
It is the responsibility of each individual employee to follow the
spirit of this statement to ensure that we meet the primary policy
— to ship quality products on time.
Quality Assurance
Incoming Material Quality
Teccor “Vendor Analysis” programs provide stringent require-
ments before components are delivered to Teccor. In addition,
purchased materials are tested rigidly at incoming inspection for
specification compliance prior to acceptance for use.
Process Controls
From silicon slice input through final testing, we use statistical
methods to control all critical processes. Process audits and lot
inspections are performed routinely at all stages of the manufac-
turing cycle.
Parametric Testing
All devices are 100% computer tested for specific electrical char-
acteristics at critical processing points.
Final Inspection
Each completed manufacturing lot is sampled and tested for
compliance with electrical and mechanical requirements.
Reliability Testing
Random samples are taken from various product families for
ongoing reliability testing.
Finished Goods Inspection
Product assurance inspection is performed immediately prior to
All products must first undergo rigid quality design reviews and
pass extensive environmental life testing. Teccor uses Statistical
Process Control (SPC) with associated control charts throughout
to monitor the manufacturing processes.
Only those products which pass tests designed to assure Tec-
cor's high quality and reliability standards, while economically
satisfying customer requirements, are approved for shipment. All
new products and materials must receive approval of QRA prior
to being released to production.
The combination of reliability testing, process controls, and lot
tracking assures the quality and reliability of Teccor's devices.
Since even the best control systems cannot overcome measure-
ment limitations, Teccor designs and manufactures its own com-
puterized test equipment.
Teccor's Reliability Engineering Group conducts ongoing product
reliability testing to further confirm the design and manufacturing
Design Assurance
The design and production of Teccor devices is a demanding and
challenging task. Disciplined skills coupled with advanced com-
puter-aided design, production techniques, and test equipment
are essential elements in Teccor's ability to meet your demands
for the very highest levels of quality.
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