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A42MX09-3CQ84B Datasheet PDF : 142 Pages
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1 – 40MX and 42MX FPGA Families
General Description
Microsemi's 40MX and 42MX families offer a cost-effective design solution at 5V. The MX devices are
single-chip solutions and provide high performance while shortening the system design and development
cycle. MX devices can integrate and consolidate logic implemented in multiple PALs, CPLDs, and
FPGAs. Example applications include high-speed controllers and address decoding, peripheral bus
interfaces, DSP, and co-processor functions.
The MX device architecture is based on Microsemi’s patented antifuse technology implemented in a
0.45µm triple-metal CMOS process. With capacities ranging from 3,000 to 54,000 system gates, the MX
devices provide performance up to 250 MHz, are live on power-up and have one-fifth the standby power
consumption of comparable FPGAs. MX FPGAs provide up to 202 user I/Os and are available in a wide
variety of packages and speed grades.
A42MX24 and A42MX36 devices also feature MultiPlex I/Os, which support mixed-voltage systems,
enable programmable PCI, deliver high-performance operation at both 5.0V and 3.3V, and provide a low-
power mode. The devices are fully compliant with the PCI Local Bus Specification (version 2.1). They
deliver 200 MHz on-chip operation and 6.1 ns clock-to-output performance.
The 42MX24 and 42MX36 devices include system-level features such as IEEE Standard 1149.1 (JTAG)
Boundary Scan Testing and fast wide-decode modules. In addition, the A42MX36 device offers dual-port
SRAM for implementing fast FIFOs, LIFOs, and temporary data storage. The storage elements can
efficiently address applications requiring wide datapath manipulation and can perform transformation
functions such as those required for telecommunications, networking, and DSP.
All MX devices are fully tested over automotive and military temperature ranges. In addition, the largest
member of the family, the A42MX36, is available in both CQ208 and CQ256 ceramic packages screened
to MIL-STD-883 levels. For easy prototyping and conversion from plastic to ceramic, the CQ208 and
PQ208 devices are pin-compatible.
MX Architectural Overview
The MX devices are composed of fine-grained building blocks that enable fast, efficient logic designs. All
devices within these families are composed of logic modules, I/O modules, routing resources and clock
networks, which are the building blocks for fast logic designs. In addition, the A42MX36 device contains
embedded dual-port SRAM modules, which are optimized for high-speed datapath functions such as
FIFOs, LIFOs and scratchpad memory. A42MX24 and A42MX36 also contain wide-decode modules.
Logic Modules
The 40MX logic module is an eight-input, one-output logic circuit designed to implement a wide range of
logic functions with efficient use of interconnect routing resources (Figure 1-1 on page 1-2).
The logic module can implement the four basic logic functions (NAND, AND, OR and NOR) in gates of
two, three, or four inputs. The logic module can also implement a variety of D-latches, exclusivity
functions, AND-ORs and OR-ANDs. No dedicated hard-wired latches or flip-flops are required in the
array; latches and flip-flops can be constructed from logic modules whenever required in the
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