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Part NameA42MX09-3CQ100M Microsemi
Microsemi Corporation Microsemi
Description40MX and 42MX FPGA Families

A42MX09-3CQ100M Datasheet PDF : 142 Pages
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40MX and 42MX FPGA Families

High Capacity
• Single-Chip ASIC Alternative
• 3,000 to 54,000 System Gates
• Up to 2.5 kbits Configurable Dual-Port SRAM
• Fast Wide-Decode Circuitry
• Up to 202 User-Programmable I/O Pins

High Performance
• 5.6 ns Clock-to-Out
• 250 MHz Performance
• 5 ns Dual-Port SRAM Access
• 100 MHz FIFOs
• 7.5 ns 35-Bit Address Decode

HiRel Features
• Commercial, Industrial, Automotive, and Military Temperature Plastic Packages
• Commercial, Military Temperature, and MIL-STD-883 Ceramic Packages
• QML Certification
• Ceramic Devices Available to DSCC SMD

Ease of Integration
• Mixed-Voltage Operation (5.0V or 3.3V for core and I/Os), with PCI-Compliant I/Os
• Up to 100% Resource Utilization and 100% Pin Locking
• Deterministic, User-Controllable Timing
• Unique In-System Diagnostic and Verification Capability with Silicon Explorer II
• Low Power Consumption
• IEEE Standard 1149.1 (JTAG)Boundary Scan Testing

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