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A42MX09-3CQ84 Datasheet PDF : 142 Pages
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40MX and 42MX FPGA Families
Other Architectural Features
MX devices can operate with internal clock frequencies of 250 MHz, enabling fast execution of complex
logic functions. MX devices are live on power-up and do not require auxiliary configuration devices and
thus are an optimal platform to integrate the functionality contained in multiple programmable logic
devices. In addition, designs that previously would have required a gate array to meet performance can
be integrated into an MX device with improvements in cost and time-to-market. Using timing-driven
place-and-route (TDPR) tools, designers can achieve highly deterministic device performance.
User Security
Microsemi FuseLock provides robust security against design theft. Special security fuses are hidden in
the fabric of the device and protect against unauthorized users attempting to access the programming
and/or probe interfaces. It is virtually impossible to identify or bypass these fuses without damaging the
device, making Microsemi antifuse FPGAs protected with the highest level of security available from both
invasive and noninvasive attacks.
Special security fuses in 40MX devices include the Probe Fuse and Program Fuse. The former disables
the probing circuitry while the latter prohibits further programming of all fuses, including the Probe Fuse.
In 42MX devices, there is the Security Fuse which, when programmed, both disables the probing circuitry
and prohibits further programming of the device.
Device programming is supported through the Silicon Sculptor series of programmers. Silicon Sculptor II
is a compact, robust, single-site and multi-site device programmer for the PC. With standalone software,
Silicon Sculptor II is designed to allow concurrent programming of multiple units from the same PC.
Silicon Sculptor II programs devices independently to achieve the fastest programming times possible.
After being programmed, each fuse is verified to insure that it has been programmed correctly.
Furthermore, at the end of programming, there are integrity tests that are run to ensure no extra fuses
have been programmed. Not only does it test fuses (both programmed and nonprogrammed), Silicon
Sculptor II also allows self-test to verify its own hardware extensively.
The procedure for programming an MX device using Silicon Sculptor II is as follows:
1. Load the *.AFM file
2. Select the device to be programmed
3. Begin programming
When the design is ready to go to production, Microsemi offers device volume-programming services
either through distribution partners or via In-House Programming from the factory.
For more details on programming MX devices, please refer to the Programming Antifuse Devices and the
Silicon Sculptor II user's guides.
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