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A42MX09-3CQ84B Datasheet PDF : 142 Pages
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40MX and 42MX FPGA Families
MultiPlex I/O Modules
42MX devices feature Multiplex I/Os and support 5.0V, 3.3V, and mixed 3.3V/5.0V operations.
The MultiPlex I/O modules provide the interface between the device pins and the logic array. Figure 1-9
is a block diagram of the 42MX I/O module. A variety of user functions, determined by a library macro
selection, can be implemented in the module. (Refer to the Antifuse Macro Library Guide for more
information.) All 42MX I/O modules contain tristate buffers, with input and output latches that can be
configured for input, output, or bidirectional operation.
All 42MX devices contain flexible I/O structures, where each output pin has a dedicated output-enable
control (Figure 1-9). The I/O module can be used to latch input or output data, or both, providing fast set-
up time. In addition, the Designer software tools can build a D-type flip-flop using a C-module combined
with an I/O module to register input and output signals. Refer to the Antifuse Macro Library Guide for
more details.
A42MX24 and A42MX36 devices also offer selectable PCI output drives, enabling 100% compliance with
version 2.1 of the PCI specification. For low-power systems, all inputs and outputs are turned off to
reduce current consumption to below 500μA.
To achieve 5.0V or 3.3V PCI-compliant output drives on A42MX24 and A42MX36 devices, a chip-wide
PCI fuse is programmed via the Device Selection Wizard in the Designer software (Figure 1-10). When
the PCI fuse is not programmed, the output drive is standard.
Designer software development tools provide a design library of I/O macro functions that can implement
all I/O configurations supported by the MX FPGAs.
From Array
To Array
Note: *Can be configured as a Latch or D Flip-Flop (Using
Figure 1-9 • 42MX I/O Module
PCI Enable
Figure 1-10 • PCI Output Structure of A42MX24 and A42MX36 Devices
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