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M1A3P400-1FG144Y Datasheet PDF : 220 Pages
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ProASIC3 Flash Family FPGAs
Advanced Flash Technology
The ProASIC3 family offers many benefits, including nonvolatility and reprogrammability through an
advanced flash-based, 130-nm LVCMOS process with seven layers of metal. Standard CMOS design
techniques are used to implement logic and control functions. The combination of fine granularity,
enhanced flexible routing resources, and abundant flash switches allows for very high logic utilization
without compromising device routability or performance. Logic functions within the device are
interconnected through a four-level routing hierarchy.
Advanced Architecture
The proprietary ProASIC3 architecture provides granularity comparable to standard-cell ASICs. The
ProASIC3 device consists of five distinct and programmable architectural features (Figure 1-1 and
Figure 1-2 on page 1-4):
• FPGA VersaTiles
• Dedicated FlashROM
• Dedicated SRAM/FIFO memory
• Extensive CCCs and PLLs
• Advanced I/O structure
Bank 0
RAM Block
4,608-Bit Dual-Port
SRAM or FIFO Block*
User Nonvolatile
Charge Pumps
Bank 1
Note: *Not supported by A3P015 and A3P030 devices
Figure 1-1 • ProASIC3 Device Architecture Overview with Two I/O Banks (A3P015, A3P030, A3P060, and
† The A3P015 and A3P030 do not support PLL or SRAM.
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