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M1A3P1000-2FG484PP View Datasheet(PDF) - Microsemi Corporation

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
M1A3P1000-2FG484PP (A3Pxxx) ProASIC3 Flash Family FPGAs with Optional Soft ARM Support Microsemi
Microsemi Corporation Microsemi
M1A3P1000-2FG484PP Datasheet PDF : 220 Pages
First Prev 211 212 213 214 215 216 217 218 219 220
ProASIC3 Flash Family FPGAs
Revision 5 (Aug 2008) TJ, Maximum Junction Temperature, was changed to 100° from 110º in the 2-5
DC and Switching
"Thermal Characteristics" section and EQ 2. The calculated result of Maximum
Characteristics v1.3 Power Allowed has thus changed to 1.463 W from 1.951 W.
Values for the A3P015 device were added to Table 2-7 • Quiescent Supply 2-6
Current Characteristics.
Values for the A3P015 device were added to Table 2-14 • Different Components 2-10, 2-11
Contributing to Dynamic Power Consumption in ProASIC3 Devices. PAC14 was
removed. Table 2-15 • Different Components Contributing to the Static Power
Consumption in ProASIC3 Devices is new.
The "PLL Contribution—PPLL" section was updated to change the PPLL formula
from PAC13 + PAC14 * FCLKOUT to PDC4 + PAC13 * FCLKOUT.
Both fall and rise values were included for tDDRISUD and tDDRIHD in Table 2-102 •
Input DDR Propagation Delays.
Table 2-107 • A3P015 Global Resource is new.
The typical value for Delay Increments in Programmable Delay Blocks was
changed from 160 to 200 in Table 2-115 • ProASIC3 CCC/PLL Specification.
Revision 4 (Jun 2008) Table note references were added to Table 2-2 • Recommended Operating 2-2
DC and Switching
Conditions 1,2, and the order of the table notes was changed.
Characteristics v1.2
The title for Table 2-4 • Overshoot and Undershoot Limits 1 was modified to 2-3
remove "as measured on quiet I/Os." Table note 1 was revised to remove
"estimated SSO density over cycles." Table note 2 was revised to remove "refers
only to overshoot/undershoot limits for simultaneous switching I/Os."
The "Power per I/O Pin" section was updated to include 3 additional tables 2-6
pertaining to input buffer power and output buffer power.
Table 2-29 • I/O Output Buffer Maximum Resistances 1 was revised to include
values for 3.3 V PCI/PCI-X.
Table 2-90 • LVDS Minimum and Maximum DC Input and Output Levels was
Revision 3 (Jun 2008) Pin numbers were added to the "QN68" package diagram. Note 2 was added 4-3
Packaging v1.3
below the diagram.
The "QN132" package diagram was updated to include D1 to D4. In addition, 4-6
note 1 was changed from top view to bottom view, and note 2 is new.
Revision 2 (Feb 2008) This document was divided into two sections and given a version number, starting N/A
Product Brief v1.0
at v1.0. The first section of the document includes features, benefits, ordering
information, and temperature and speed grade offerings. The second section is a
device family overview.
This document was updated to include A3P015 device information. QN68 is a N/A
new package that was added because it is offered in the A3P015. The following
sections were updated:
"Features and Benefits"
"ProASIC3 Ordering Information"
"Temperature Grade Offerings"
"ProASIC3 Product Family"
"A3P015 and A3P030" note
"Introduction and Overview"
Revision 13
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