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9403A 데이터 시트보기 (PDF) - Fairchild Semiconductor

9403A First-In First-Out (FIFO) Buffer Memory Fairchild
Fairchild Semiconductor Fairchild
9403A Datasheet PDF : 16 Pages
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Timing Waveforms (Continued)
Conditions: data in stack, TOP HIGH, IES HIGH when initiated
FIGURE 14. Serial Output, Slave Operation
Conditions: IES LOW when initiated, OE, CPSO LOW; data available in stack
FIGURE 15. Parallel Output, 4-Bit Word or Master in Parallel Expansion
Conditions: TTS connected to IRF, TOS connected to ORE, IES, OES, OE, CPSO LOW, TOP HIGH
FIGURE 16. Fall Through Time
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