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78M6618-IMR View Datasheet(PDF) - Teridian Semiconductor Corporation

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
78M6618-IMR Octal Power and Energy Measurement IC TERIDIAN
Teridian Semiconductor Corporation TERIDIAN
78M6618-IMR Datasheet PDF : 32 Pages
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78M6618 Data Sheet
2 Electrical Specifications
2.1 Absolute Maximum Ratings
Table 2 shows the absolute maximum ranges for the device. Stresses beyond Absolute Maximum
Ratings may cause permanent damage to the device. These are stress ratings only and functional
operation at these or any other conditions beyond those indicated under recommended operating
conditions (Section 4.3) is not implied. Exposure to absolute-maximum-rated conditions for extended
periods may affect device reliability. All voltages are with respect to GNDA.
Supplies and Ground Pins
Analog Output Pins
Table 2: Absolute Maximum Ratings
Voltage and Current
Analog Input Pins
IA, IB, IC, ID, IE, IF, IG, IH, VA, VB, V1
All Other Pins
Configured as SEG or COM drivers
Configured as Digital Inputs
Configured as Digital Outputs
All other pins
Temperature and ESD Stress
Operating Junction Temperature (peak, 100ms)
Operating Junction Temperature (continuous)
Storage Temperature Range
Lead Temperature (soldering, 10s)
Soldering Temperature (reflow)
ESD Stress on All Pins
-0.5 V to 4.6 V
-0.5 V to 4.6 V
-0.5 V to +0.5 V
-10 mA to 10 mA,
-0.5 V to 4.6 V
-10 mA to +10 mA,
-0.5 V to V3P3A+0.5 V
-10 mA to +10 mA,
-0.5 V to 3.0 V
-10 mA to +10 mA
-0.5 V to V3P3A+0.5 V
-10 mA to +10 mA
-0.5 V to 3.0 V
-1 mA to +1 mA,
-0.5 to V3P3D+0.5
-10 mA to +10 mA,
-0.5 to 6 V
-15 mA to +15 mA,
-0.5 V to V3P3D+0.5 V
-0.5 V to V3P3D+0.5 V
-45°C to +165°C
Rev. 1.4
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