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700-HN125 데이터 시트보기 (PDF) - Allen-Bradley

700-HN125 Solid-State Relays ALLEN-BRADLEY
700-HN125 Datasheet PDF : 6 Pages
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Terminal Arrangement (Bottom View)
Bulletin 700-SA
Solid-State Relays
Specifications, Continued
Basic Application Considerations
Input voltage
The plus and minus symbols shown
in parentheses are for DC loads.
High Density Mounting of Multiple SSRs
If multiple SSRs are installed side by side be aware that the outer case wall of the SSR serves to dissipate heat. Install the relays so that they are adequately
ventilated. If poor ventilation is unavoidable, reduce the load current to half.
Protective Component
When controlling AC inductive loads, connect an inrush/surge absorbing device (varistor) across the SSR load terminals. If the SSR has built-in surge
suppression (Bulletins 700-SE and 700-SH) and additional surge suppression is required, connect the varistor across the terminals of the load device . Select
a varistor that meets the conditions of the load voltage outlined in the table below.
Load Voltage
100…120V AC
200…240V AC
380…480V AC
Varistor Voltage
240…270 V
440…470 V
820…1000 V
Varistor Surge Resistance
1000 A min.
For additional details applying solid-state relays, refer to pub. 700-AT001A-EN-E, "Solid-State Relay Application Guide" available at
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