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Tyco Electronics MACOM
5-104892-1 Datasheet PDF : 100 Pages
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Ribbon Cable Interconnect Solutions
Introduction (Continued)
Mass termination capabili-
ties of the ribbon cable
connectors have helped
make ribbon cable, and
particularly .050 [0.127]
centerline cable, popular
within the Electronics
Industry. The ability to termi-
nate up to 64 conductors
simultaneously, without
stripping or otherwise pre-
paring the cable, presents
obvious labor savings.
Ribbon Cable Connectors
are wire-to-board devices
used to make the transition
between cable and pc
board circuitry. They find
heavy use within equipment
to connect one board to
another or one subsystem
to another. The connectors
are also used in input/out-
put applications, connecting
different pieces of equipment.
Ribbon Cable Solutions are
available on three separate
cable centerline spacings.
They include:
.025 [0.64] Centerlines
I System 50 receptacles
I System 50 paddleboards
I Pin headers
.039 [1.00] Centerlines
I 2.0 mm receptacles
I Breakaway pin headers
.050 [1.27] Centerlines
I 50/50 Grid connectors
I Micro-MaTch connectors
I Novo Receptacle
I DIP plugs
I EUROLATCH receptacle
connectors per DIN
41612 and IEC 603-2
I Pin Headers
System 50 ribbon cable
receptacles will terminate
cable on .025 [0.64] center-
lines. They are available in
select sizes from 20 thru
100-positions, and accept
wire size range 30 AWG
[0.05 mm2] solid or
stranded wire and 32 AWG
[0.03 mm2] stranded pvc
insulated wire. Housing and
cover are made of high tem-
perature tolerant thermo-
plastic material, black, UL
94V-0 rated. A single mating
beam, phosphor bronze
contact provides the inter-
connect between the con-
ductor and the .0152 [0.382]
posts on .050 x .100 [1.27 x
2.54] grid. Also available in
paddleboard configurations.
2.0 mm [.079] ribbon
cable receptacles feature
contacts on a true 2.0 mm
[.079 in.] mating grid for
1.0 mm [.039 in.] pitch
ribbon cable. Select
configurations are available
between 8 and 50-positions.
Receptacles feature
insulation displacement
contacts (IDC).
50/50 Grid connectors
Although AMPMODU 50/50
Grid Vertical Headers and
Receptacles are designed
for parallel board-to-board
stacking in high density
applications, Right-angle
board-to-board and cable-
to-board applications are
also possible since the
vertical receptacles also
mate with non-latching
right-angle headers and the
vertical headers also mate
with non-latching cable con-
Micro-Match connectors
Miniaturization and the trend
towards higher density of
electronic functions on a
substrate led to the intro-
duction of Micro-MaTch. The
system offers a range of
board and wire connectors,
enabling a variety of wire-to-
board and board-to-board
interconnections. Its design
prevents the traditional
failure mode in tin-plated
connections, fretting corro-
sion. An additional position-
ing spring in the female part
absorbs relative movements
caused by vibrations and
thermal expansion between
male and female contacts.
By preventing movements
on the contact spot, a gas
tight connection can be
guaranteed under all
Novo receptacles feature
two rows of contacts on
.100 x .100 [2.54 x 2.54]
centers on selected sizes
of 10 thru 64-positions
and mate with .025 [0.64]
square or round posts. The
Novo tuning-fork contact
offers a military-approved
design, at an affordable
cost. Polarization options
include military, center and
military, or dual bar.
DIP (Dual In-Line Package)
plugs provide a permanent
connection of ribbon cable
to a pc board or mating
to DIP sockets. Using the
same centerline dimensions
as DIP integrated circuits,
DIP plugs offer space
efficiency and a low profile
of .253 [6.43].
Catalog 82012
Revised 4-12
Dimensions are shown for
reference purposes only.
Specifications subject
to change.
Dimensions are in inches
and millimeters unless
otherwise specified.
USA: +1 (800) 522-6752
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