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2-111623-8 Ribbon Cable Interconnect Solutions MACOM
Tyco Electronics MACOM
2-111623-8 Datasheet PDF : 100 Pages
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Ribbon Cable Interconnect Solutions
Micro-MaTch Miniature Connector System
Features/ Benefits
I Available in 2 to
20 positions
I Applicable Wire:
20~28 AWG
I Wire connectors supplied
on-tape and suitable for
mass termination of
28 AWG [0.08 mm2 to
0.09 mm2] ribbon cable
I Tin plated contact design
I Guaranteed minimum
contact force of 2.0 N
I Fretting corrosion proof
thanks to additional
positioning spring
I Full range of application
tooling from hand tool to
fully automated equipment
1. Contact Pin
2. Contact Spring
3. Positioning
Miniaturization and the
relative movements caused optimization of both func-
trend towards higher den- by vibrations/thermal
tions and also leads to
sity of electronic functions expansion between male
relatively simple contact
on a substrate led to the
and female contacts are
introduction of smaller
absorbed. By preventing
Because of their shapes
interconnection systems.
movements on the contact contacts can be post-
The Micro-MaTch connector spot, a gas tight connection plated, leaving no bare
family, with it’s contact
can be guaranteed under
edges in the contact and
spacing of 1.27 mm, fully
all circumstances.
wire slot area. The contact
complies with the electronic The contact spring is
spring system features an
packaging requirements of located in the board con-
additional spring member —
today and the future. The
nector and not in the cable the positioning spring —
system offers a range of
connector, which is usually which compensates posi-
board and wire connectors, the case. The counter part, tional tolerances. In this way
enabling a variety of wire-to- incorporated in the cable
the contact spring can be
board and board-to-board
connector, is a simple pin,
fully optimized for its basic
either with an insulation dis- function, so that the rela-
The Micro-MaTch contact
placement section, suitable tively high contact force,
2 concept shown on this page for the mass-termination of required for tin plated
is essentially different from cable or with a kinked sol- contact systems, can be
3 other systems available.
der leg to be soldered onto guaranteed under all
By its design the traditional a PC Board. The separation circumstances.
failure mode in tin plated
connections, fretting corro-
sion, is prevented. Due to
an additional positioning
spring in the female part,
of these two basic functions
of the contact system —
contact force generation
and wire termination —
enables the independent
The Micro-MaTch contact
spring system is absolutely
fretting corrosion proof by
its design.
Catalog 82012
Revised 4-12
Dimensions are shown for
reference purposes only.
Specifications subject
to change.
Dimensions are in inches
and millimeters unless
otherwise specified.
USA: +1 (800) 522-6752
Canada: +1 (905) 475-6222
Mexico/C. Am.: +52 (0) 55-1106-0800
Latin/S. Am.: +54 (0) 11-4733-2200
Germany: +49 (0) 6251-133-1999
UK: +44 (0) 800-267666
France: +33 (0) 1-3420-8686
Netherlands: +31 (0) 73-6246-999
China: +86 (0) 400-820-6015
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