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2-111623-8 Ribbon Cable Interconnect Solutions MACOM
Tyco Electronics MACOM
2-111623-8 Datasheet PDF : 100 Pages
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Ribbon Cable Interconnect Solutions
Ultra ATA Bus Connectors, .025 [0.64] Centerline Ribbon Cable
Product Facts
I IDC termination
I Backward compatible with
current IDE Interfaces
I Improved signal integrity:
1 to 1 signal to ground ratio
I Improved crosstalk when
compared to existing IDE
Cable Assembly
I Color coded connectors
for “System board,” and
“Master HDD” and
“Slave HDD”
I Cable impedance 80 ohms
I Up to 3 connectors per cable
I 15 microinches gold plating
I Recognized under the
Component Program
of the Underwriters
Laboratories, Inc. R
UL File No. E28476
I Certified by the
Canadian Standards
File No. LR 7189
I Terminates 30 AWG solid or
stranded PVC insulated 80
conductor ribbon cable
Ultra ATA is the next genera-
tion IDE (Integrated Drive
Electronics) bus. The current
IDE bus has a maximum
data transfer rate of about
16.5 MB/second. As the bus
speeds and disk drive per-
formances increase, the
cable assembly between
the motherboard and hard
drive becomes a limiting
factor in data transfer from
the drive.
The Ultra ATA connector
and cable assembly from
TE provide the customer
with improved electrical
performance by creating a
1:1 signal-to-ground ratio.
The connector design incor-
porates an IDC bus bar to
common the 40 additional
ground signals. The cable is
.025" centerline PVC ribbon
cable. The connector is fully
backward compatible with
existing 40-position headers
with pin 20 removed on
motherboards and disk
The new connectors are
color coded to identify:
1. system board connector
2. primary or master hard
drive connector
3. slave drive connector
Standard Issues
The Ultra ATA cable per-
formance specification is
part of the Small Form
Factor Committee No. 8049.
Compaq Computer and
Western Digital are the
major sponsors of the
Contacts Available:
I 80 position IDC contact
I 40 signal contacts
I 40 ground terminations to
special IDC bus bar
Catalog 82012
Revised 4-12
Dimensions are shown for
reference purposes only.
Specifications subject
to change.
Dimensions are in inches
and millimeters unless
otherwise specified.
USA: +1 (800) 522-6752
Canada: +1 (905) 475-6222
Mexico/C. Am.: +52 (0) 55-1106-0800
Latin/S. Am.: +54 (0) 11-4733-2200
Germany: +49 (0) 6251-133-1999
UK: +44 (0) 800-267666
France: +33 (0) 1-3420-8686
Netherlands: +31 (0) 73-6246-999
China: +86 (0) 400-820-6015
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