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LM4866LQX データシートの表示(PDF) - National ->Texas Instruments

LM4866LQX 2.2W Stereo Audio Amplifier National-Semiconductor
National ->Texas Instruments National-Semiconductor
LM4866LQX Datasheet PDF : 21 Pages
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October 2002
2.2W Stereo Audio Amplifier
General Description
The LM4866 is a bridge-connected (BTL) stereo audio
power amplifier which, when connected to a 5V supply,
delivers 2.2W to a 4load (Note 1) or 2.5W to a 3load
(Note 2) with less than 1.0% THD+N.
With the LM4866 packaged in the LLP, the customer benefits
include low thermal impedance, low profile, and small size.
This package minimizes PCB area and maximizes output
The LM4866 features an externally controlled, low-power
consumption shutdown mode, and thermal shutdown protec-
tion. It also utilizes circuitry to reduce “clicks and pops”
during device turn-on.
Boomer audio power amplifiers are designed specifically to
use few external components and provide high quality output
power in a surface mount package.
Note 1: An LM4866MTE or LM4866LQ that has been properly mounted to
a circuit board will deliver 2.2W into 4. The other package options for the
LM4866 will deliver 1.1W into 8. See the Application Information sections
for further information concerning the LM4866MTE and LM4866LQ.
Note 2: An LM4866MTE or LM4866LQ that has been properly mounted to a
circuit board will deliver 2.5W into 3.
Key Specifications
n PO at 1% THD+N
n LM4866LQ, 3, 4loads
n LM4866MTE, 3, 4loads
n LM4866MTE, 8load
n LM4866MT, 8load
n Shutdown current
n Supply voltage range
2.5W(typ), 2.2W(typ)
2.5W(typ), 2.2W(typ)
2.0V to 5.5V
n Stereo BTL amplifier mode
n “Click and pop” suppression circuitry
n Unity-gain stable
n Thermal shutdown protection circuitry
n TSSOP and Exposed-DAP LLP packages
n Multimedia monitors
n Portable and desktop computers
n Portable televisions
Typical Application
Note: Pin out shown for LLP package. Refer to the Connection Diagrams for the pinout of the TSSOP package.
Boomer® is a registered trademark of National Semiconductor Corporation.
© 2002 National Semiconductor Corporation DS200186
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