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6318026-3 Просмотр технического описания (PDF) - Tyco Electronics

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6318026-3 0.6mm Free Height (FH) and GIGA Connectors MACOM
Tyco Electronics Macom
6318026-3 Datasheet PDF : 0 Pages
Fine Pitch SMT Stacking Connectors
(Parallel Board-to-Board)
0.6mm Free Height (FH) and GIGA Connectors
Product Facts
0.6 [.024] pitch SMT
connectors for parallel
board stacking
Connector sizes ranging
from 50 to 280 positions
Solder pegs included for
Available packaged on
“tape-and-reel” for
automatic placement per
EIA standards
Surface areas provided to
accommodate vacuum
Enhanced electrical
performance grounded
version (GIGA) available for
high speed signals
Recognized under the
Component Program of
Laboratories Inc.,
File No. E28476
Tyco Electronics 0.6mm
Free Height (FH) and GIGA
connectors are designed for
use in the parallel stacking
of printed circuit boards.
These 0.6 [.024] fine pitch
connectors provide the
capability of varying the
spacing between parallel
boards, depending upon
the components to be pack-
aged or equipment designs.
They are best suited for
applications where miniatur-
ization is essential, such as
notebook PCs, sub-notebook
PCs, pen pads, cellular
phones and communication
This connector family con-
sists of vertical board-
mount receptacles and
plug assemblies. By using
various combinations of
plug and receptacle
heights, it is possible to
alter the spacing of parallel
boards between 4 [.157]
and 16 [.630].
The enhanced electrical
performance version
(GIGA) includes recepta-
cles loaded with contacts
for grounding circuits at
every 9 or 10 signal cir-
cuits. These ground con-
tacts mate with grounding
plates on both sides of the
plug assemblies.
0.6mm FH and GIGA con-
nectors are packaged in
trays or on “tape-and-reel”
for high volume production.
Each connector half features
surface areas to accommo-
date “pick-and-place”
vacuum nozzles without
secondary covers. Some
connector sizes are avail-
able packaged in a unique
“bridge” to facilitate the
aligning of dual connectors
on PC boards during place-
ment and SMT processing.
Performance Characteristics
Voltage Rating — 50 VAC
Current Rating — 0.5 ampere
Overall Resistance
less than 30 milliohms
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage
0.2 kVAC
Operating Temperature
-40°C to +85°C
Catalog 889092
Revised 9-06
Dimensions are in millimeters
and inches unless otherwise
specified. Values in brackets
are standard equivalents.
Dimensions are shown for
reference purposes only.
Specifications subject
to change.
USA: 1-800-522-6752
Canada: 1-905-470-4425
Mexico: 01-800-733-8926
C. America: 52-55-5-729-0425
South America: 55-11-3611-1514
Hong Kong: 852-2735-1628
Japan: 81-44-844-8013
UK: 44-141-810-8967
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