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89LPC933 8-bit microcontroller with accelerated two-clock 80C51 core 4 kB/8 kB/16 kB 3 V byte-erasable flash with 8-bit ADCs NXP
NXP Semiconductors. NXP
89LPC933 Datasheet PDF : 77 Pages
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NXP Semiconductors
8-bit microcontroller with accelerated two-clock 80C51 core
8.20.7 Break detect
Break detect is reported in the status register (SSTAT). A break is detected when
11 consecutive bits are sensed LOW. The break detect can be used to reset the device
and force the device into ISP mode.
8.20.8 Double buffering
The UART has a transmit double buffer that allows buffering of the next character to be
written to SBUF while the first character is being transmitted. Double buffering allows
transmission of a string of characters with only one stop bit between any two characters,
as long as the next character is written between the start bit and the stop bit of the
previous character.
Double buffering can be disabled. If disabled (DBMOD, i.e., SSTAT.7 = 0), the UART is
compatible with the conventional 80C51 UART. If enabled, the UART allows writing to
SnBUF while the previous data is being shifted out. Double buffering is only allowed in
Modes 1, 2 and 3. When operated in Mode 0, double buffering must be disabled
(DBMOD = 0).
8.20.9 Transmit interrupts with double buffering enabled (modes 1, 2 and 3)
Unlike the conventional UART, in double buffering mode, the Tx interrupt is generated
when the double buffer is ready to receive new data.
8.20.10 The 9th bit (bit 8) in double buffering (modes 1, 2 and 3)
If double buffering is disabled TB8 can be written before or after SBUF is written, as long
as TB8 is updated some time before that bit is shifted out. TB8 must not be changed until
the bit is shifted out, as indicated by the Tx interrupt.
If double buffering is enabled, TB8 must be updated before SBUF is written, as TB8 will
be double-buffered together with SBUF data.
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