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89LPC933 Datasheet PDF : 77 Pages
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8-bit microcontroller with accelerated two-clock 80C51 core
4 kB/8 kB/16 kB 3 V byte-erasable flash with 8-bit ADCs
Rev. 8 — 12 January 2011
Product data sheet
1. General description
The P89LPC933/934/935/936 is a single-chip microcontroller, available in low cost
packages, based on a high performance processor architecture that executes instructions
in two to four clocks, six times the rate of standard 80C51 devices. Many system-level
functions have been incorporated into the P89LPC933/934/935/936 in order to reduce
component count, board space, and system cost.
2. Features and benefits
2.1 Principal features
„ 4 kB/8 kB/16 kB byte-erasable flash code memory organized into 1 kB/2 kB sectors
and 64-byte pages. Single-byte erasing allows any byte(s) to be used as non-volatile
data storage.
„ 256-byte RAM data memory. Both the P89LPC935 and P89LPC936 also include a
512-byte auxiliary on-chip RAM.
„ 512-byte customer data EEPROM on chip allows serialization of devices, storage of
setup parameters, etc. (P89LPC935/936).
„ Dual 4-input multiplexed 8-bit A/D converters/DAC outputs (P89LPC935/936, single
A/D on P89LPC933/934).Two analog comparators with selectable inputs and
reference source.
„ Two 16-bit counter/timers (each may be configured to toggle a port output upon timer
overflow or to become a PWM output) and a 23-bit system timer that can also be used
as an RTC.
„ Enhanced UART with fractional baud rate generator, break detect, framing error
detection, and automatic address detection; 400 kHz byte-wide I2C-bus
communication port and SPI communication port.
„ Capture/Compare Unit (CCU) provides PWM, input capture, and output compare
functions (P89LPC935/936).
„ High-accuracy internal RC oscillator option allows operation without external oscillator
components. The RC oscillator option is selectable and fine tunable.
„ 2.4 V to 3.6 V VDD operating range. I/O pins are 5 V tolerant (may be pulled up or
driven to 5.5 V).
„ 28-pin TSSOP, PLCC, and HVQFN packages with 23 I/O pins minimum and up to 26
I/O pins while using on-chip oscillator and reset options.
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