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1-100524-04 Datasheet PDF : 12 Pages
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Datasheet SHT1x
following conditions: Temperature shall be in the range of
10°C – 50°C (0 – 125°C for limited time) and humidity at
20 – 60%RH (sensors that are not stored in ESD bags).
For sensors that have been removed from the original
packaging we recommend to store them in ESD bags
made of metal-in PE-HD8.
In manufacturing and transport the sensors shall be
prevented of high concentration of chemical solvents and
long exposure times. Out-gassing of glues, adhesive tapes
and stickers or out-gassing packaging material such as
bubble foils, foams, etc. shall be avoided. Manufacturing
area shall be well ventilated.
For more detailed information please consult the
document “Handling Instructions” or contact Sensirion.
1.4 Reconditioning Procedure
As stated above extreme conditions or exposure to solvent
vapors may offset the sensor. The following reconditioning
procedure may bring the sensor back to calibration state:
100 – 105°C at < 5%RH for 10h
Re-Hydration: 20 – 30°C at ~ 75%RH for 12h 9.
1.5 Temperature Effects
Relative humidity reading strongly depends on
temperature. Therefore, it is essential to keep humidity
sensors at the same temperature as the air of which the
relative humidity is to be measured. In case of testing or
qualification the reference sensor and test sensor must
show equal temperature to allow for comparing humidity
If the SHT1x shares a PCB with electronic components
that produce heat it should be mounted in a way that
prevents heat transfer or keeps it as low as possible.
Measures to reduce heat transfer can be ventilation,
reduction of copper layers between the SHT1x and the
rest of the PCB or milling a slit into the PCB around the
sensor (see Figure 8).
Figure 8: Top view of example of mounted SHT1x with slits
milled into PCB to minimize heat transfer.
8 For example, 3M antistatic bag, product “1910” with zipper .
9 75%RH can conveniently be generated with saturated NaCl solution.
100 – 105°C correspond to 212 – 221°F, 20 – 30°C correspond to 68 – 86°F
Furthermore, there are self-heating effects in case the
measurement frequency is too high. Please refer to
Section 3.3 for detailed information.
1.6 Light
The SHT1x is not light sensitive. Prolonged direct
exposure to sunshine or strong UV radiation may age the
1.7 Membranes
SHT1x does not contain a membrane at the sensor
opening. However, a membrane may be added to prevent
dirt and droplets from entering the housing and to protect
the sensor. It will also reduce peak concentrations of
chemical vapors. For optimal response times the air
volume behind the membrane must be kept minimal.
Sensirion recommends and supplies the SF1 filter cap for
optimal IP54 protection (for higher protection – i.e. IP67 -
SF1 must be sealed to the PCB with epoxy). Please
compare Figure 9.
Melted plastic pin
Figure 9:Side view of SF1 filter cap mounted between PCB and
housing wall. Volume below membrane is kept minimal.
1.8 Materials Used for Sealing / Mounting
Many materials absorb humidity and will act as a buffer
increasing response times and hysteresis. Materials in the
vicinity of the sensor must therefore be carefully chosen.
Recommended materials are: Any metals, LCP, POM
(Delrin), PTFE (Teflon), PE, PEEK, PP, PB, PPS, PSU,
For sealing and gluing (use sparingly): Use high filled
epoxy for electronic packaging (e.g. glob top, underfill),
and Silicone. Out-gassing of these materials may also
contaminate the SHT1x (see Section 1.3). Therefore try to
add the sensor as a last manufacturing step to the
assembly, store the assembly well ventilated after
manufacturing or bake at >50°C for 24h to outgas
contaminants before packing.
1.9 Wiring Considerations and Signal Integrity
Carrying the SCK and DATA signal parallel and in close
proximity (e.g. in wires) for more than 10cm may result in
cross talk and loss of communication. This may be
Version 5 – December 2011
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