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ADS8331 2.7V~5.5V, 16 Bit 500KSPS Low Power Serial ADC / Low-Power, 16-Bit, 500kSPS, 4-/8-Channel Unipolar Input TI
Texas Instruments TI
ADS8331 Datasheet PDF : 39 Pages
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Auto Channel Select Mode
Channel selection can also be done automatically if Auto Channel Select mode (default) is enabled (CFR_D11 =
'1'). If the device is programmed for Auto Channel Select mode, then signals from all channels are acquired in a
fixed order. In Auto Channel Select mode, the first conversion after entering this mode is always from the
channel of the last conversion completed before this mode is enabled. The channels are then sequentially
scanned up to and including the last channel (that is, channel 3 for the ADS8331 and channel 7 for the
ADS8332) and then back to the channel that started the sequence. For example, if the last channel used in the
conversion before enabling Auto Channel Select mode was channel 2, the sequence for the ADS8332 would be:
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 2, etc., as shown in Figure 39. If the last channel in Manual Channel Select mode happened to be
channel 7, the sequence would be: 7, 7, 7, etc. Figure 40 shows when the next channel in the sequence
activates during Auto Channel Select mode. This timing allows the next channel to settle before it is acquired.
This automatic sequencing stops the cycle after CFR_D11 is set to '0'.
Manual Channel Select Channel 2
Enable Auto Channel Select
Conversion Start is Automatic or Manual
Manual- or Auto-Trigger Mode
Ch 2
Ch 7
Ch 3
Ch 6
Ch 4
Ch 5
Figure 39. Auto Channel Select for the ADS8332
(active low)
1 CCLK Minimum
Channel #
Figure 40. Channel-Number Update in Auto Channel Select Mode Timing
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