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OPA180 0.1-μV/°C Drift, Low-Noise, Rail-to-Rail Output, 36-V, Zero-Drift Operational Amplifiers TI
Texas Instruments TI
OPA180 Datasheet PDF : 40 Pages
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OPA180, OPA2180, OPA4180
Typical Applications (continued)
Passive: Resistor matching for the op-amp resistor network is critical for the success of this design and
components should be chosen with tight tolerances. For this design 0.1% resistor values are implemented but
this constraint may be adjusted based on application-specific design goals. Resistor matching contributes to both
offset error and gain error in this design; see the TI Precision Design TIPD125, Bipolar ±10V Analog Output from
a Unipolar Voltage Output DAC for further details. The tolerance of stability components RISO and CCOMP is
not critical and 1% components are acceptable. Application Curves
Figure 31. Full-Scale Output Waveform
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