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U1600 Handheld Digital Oscilloscopes HP
HP => Agilent Technologies HP
U1600 Datasheet PDF : 11 Pages
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U1600 Series Handheld Digital Oscilloscopes
Data Sheet
Delivering more functionality and performance
with a handheld digital oscilloscope
Three-in-one solution: Dual
channel oscilloscope, True RMS
DMM, and Real-Time Data
Large 4.5” color LCD display
Up to 40 MHz bandwidth with
advanced triggering
Up to 200 MSa/s sampling rate
Up to 125 000 points recording
• 22 automatic scope
measurement functions available
6,000-count DMM resolution with
built-in measurement
functions including voltmeter,
ohmmeter, and auxiliary meter
Zoom and Dual Waveform Math
functions (additional FFT
function with four windowing
techniques available in U1604A/
Full remote control and data
transfer via PC Link application
USB 2.0 full-speed interface
Multi-language Quick Help
The U1600 Series handheld digital
oscilloscope has a 4.5-inch LCD color
display, which helps to clearly distinguish
waveforms between two channels. This
U1600 Series provides a high performance
troubleshooting and quality assurance tool
for technical professionals in the
installation, maintenance, service, and
automotive industries. The U1600 Series
consists of two models: U1602A/U1602B –
20 MHz oscilloscope and U1604A/U1604B
– 40 MHz oscilloscope. Each model has a
real-time sampling rate of up to 200 MSa/s.
Users can use the Dual Waveform Math
(DWM) and Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
functions (in the U1604A/U1604B model)
to perform quick waveform analyses in both
time and frequency domains.
The built-in 6000 resolution count true RMS
digital multimeter (DMM) comes with an
auto-range feature that gives users the
flexibility to perform quick and accurate
meter measurements including voltage,
resistance, and auxiliary measurements.
In addition, the standard versions of the
U1600 Series models also contain a data
logger function.
The series’ latest oscilloscopes, the
U1602B and U1604B come in vivid orange
cases, offering capabilities and functions
equivalent to the U1600A Series.
A scope, true RMS DMM, a real-
time data logger in one instrument
The U1600 Series is a robust, high
performance and reliable handheld wave-
form and meter measurement tool for to-
day’s challenging industrial environments.
Not only do these instruments provide
fully featured oscilloscope functions, but
also a 6,000-count true RMS DMM with
real-time data logger. The DMM measure-
ment functions include a voltmeter (for DC
voltage, AC voltage and true RMS AC + DC
voltage measurements), an ohmmeter (for
2-wire resistance, capacitance, diode and
continuity tests), and an auxiliary meter (for
temperature, ampere measurement)*.
* additional accessories required and offered as
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