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AT27LV512A View Datasheet(PDF) - Atmel Corporation

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
AT27LV512A 512K (64K x 8) Low Voltage OTP EPROM Atmel
Atmel Corporation Atmel
AT27LV512A Datasheet PDF : 15 Pages
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Fast Read Access Time – 90 ns
Dual Voltage Range Operation
– Low Voltage Power Supply Range, 3.0V to 3.6V
or Standard 5V ± 10% Supply Range
Compatible with JEDEC Standard AT27C512R
Low Power CMOS Operation
– 20 µA Max (Less than 1 µA Typical) Standby for VCC = 3.6V
– 29 mW Max Active at 5 MHz for VCC = 3.6V
JEDEC Standard Packages
– 32-lead PLCC
– 28-lead SOIC
– 28-lead TSOP
High Reliability CMOS Technology
– 2,000V ESD Protection
– 200 mA Latchup Immunity
Rapid Programming Algorithm – 100 µs/Byte (Typical)
CMOS and TTL Compatible Inputs and Outputs
– JEDEC Standard for LVTTL
Integrated Product Identification Code
Industrial Temperature Range
Green (Pb/Halide-free) Packaging Option
512K (64K x 8)
Low Voltage
1. Description
The AT27LV512A is a high-performance, low-power, low-voltage 524,288-bit one-
time programmable read-only memory (OTP EPROM) organized as 64K by 8 bits. It
requires only one supply in the range of 3.0 to 3.6V in normal read mode operation,
making it ideal for fast, portable systems using battery power.
Atmel’s innovative design techniques provide fast speeds that rival 5V parts while
keeping the low power consumption of a 3.3V supply. At VCC = 3.0V, any byte can be
accessed in less than 90 ns. With a typical power dissipation of only 18 mW at 5 MHz
and VCC = 3.3V, the AT27LV512A consumes less than one fifth the power of a stan-
dard 5V EPROM. Standby mode supply current is typically less than 1 µA at 3.3V.
The AT27LV512A is available in industry-standard JEDEC-approved one-time
programmable (OTP) plastic PLCC, SOIC, and TSOP packages. All devices feature
two-line control (CE, OE) to give designers the flexibility to prevent bus contention.
The AT27LV512A operating with VCC at 3.0V produces TTL level outputs that are
compatible with standard TTL logic devices operating at VCC = 5.0V. The device is
also capable of standard 5-volt operation making it ideally suited for dual supply range
systems or card products that are pluggable in both 3-volt and 5-volt hosts.
Atmel’s AT27LV512A has additional features to ensure high quality and efficient pro-
duction use. The Rapid Programming Algorithm reduces the time required to program
the part and guarantees reliable programming. Programming time is typically only
100 µs/byte. The Integrated Product Identification Code electronically identifies the
device and manufacturer. This feature is used by industry-standard programming
equipment to select the proper programming algorithms and voltages. The
AT27LV512A programs exactly the same way as a standard 5V AT27C512R and
uses the same programming equipment.
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