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Zentrum Mikroelektronik Dresden AG ZMD
U634H256SK35 Datasheet PDF : 14 Pages
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1. Read address 0E38 (hex) Valid READ
2. Read address 31C7 (hex) Valid READ
3. Read address 03E0 (hex) Valid READ
4. Read address 3C1F (hex) Valid READ
5. Read address 303F (hex) Valid READ
6. Read address 0FC0 (hex) Initiate STORE
Once the sixth address in the sequence has been
entered, the STORE cycle will commence and the chip
will be disabled. It is important that READ cycles and
not WRITE cycles are used in the sequence, although it
is not necessary that G is LOW for the sequence to be
valid. After the tSTORE cycle time has been fulfilled, the
SRAM will again be activated for READ and WRITE
Software Nonvolatile RECALL
A RECALL cycle of the EEPROM data into the SRAM
is initiated with a sequence of READ operations in a
manner similar to the STORE initiation. To initiate the
RECALL cycle the following sequence of READ opera-
tions must be performed:
the STORE operation will begin immediately.
HARDWARE-STORE-BUSY (HSB) is a high speed,
low drive capability bidirectional control line.
In order to allow a bank of U634H256s to perform syn-
chronized STORE functions, the HSB pin from a num-
ber of chips may be connected together. Each chip
contains a small internal current source to pull HSB
HIGH when it is not being driven LOW. To decrease the
sensitivity of this signal to noise generated on the PC
board, it may optionally be pulled to power supply via
an external resistor with a value such that the combi-
ned load of the resistor and all parallel chip connections
does not exceed IHSBOL at VOL (see Figure 1 and 2).
Only if HSB is to be connected to external circuits, an
external pull-up resistor should be used.
During any STORE operation, regardless of how it was
initiated, the U634H256 will continue to drive the HSB
pin LOW, releasing it only when the STORE is com-
Upon completion of a STORE operation, the part will be
disabled until HSB actually goes HIGH.
Hardware Protection
1. Read address 0E38 (hex) Valid READ
2. Read address 31C7 (hex) Valid READ
3. Read address 03E0 (hex) Valid READ
4. Read address 3C1F (hex) Valid READ
5. Read address 303F (hex) Valid READ
6. Read address 0C63 (hex) Initiate RECALL
Internally, RECALL is a two step procedure. First, the
SRAM data is cleared and second, the nonvolatile
information is transferred into the SRAM cells. The
RECALL operation in no way alters the data in the
EEPROM cells. The nonvolatile data can be recalled an
unlimited number of times.
HSB Nonvolatile STORE
The hardware controlled STORE Busy pin (HSB) is
connected to an open drain circuit acting as both input
and output to perform two different functions. When
driven LOW by the internal chip circuitry it indicates that
a STORE operation (initiated via any means) is in pro-
gress within the chip. When driven LOW by external cir-
cuitry for longer than tw(H)S, the chip will conditionally
initiate a STORE operation after tdis(H)S.
READ and WRITE operations that are in progress
when HSB is driven LOW (either by internal or external
circuitry) will be allowed to complete before the STORE
operation is performed, in the following manner.
After HSB goes LOW, the part will continue normal
SRAM operation for tdis(H)S. During tdis(H)S, a transition
on any address or control signal will terminate SRAM
operation and cause the STORE to commence.
Note that if an SRAM WRITE is attempted after HSB
has been forced LOW, the WRITE will not occur and
The U634H256 offers hardware protection against
inadvertent STORE operation during low voltage condi-
tions. When VCAP < VSWITCH, all software or HSB initia-
ted STORE operations will be inhibited.
Preventing Automatic STORES
The PowerStore function can be disabled on the fly by
holding HSB HIGH with a driver capable of sourcing
15 mA at VOH of at least 2.2 V as it will have to overpo-
wer the internal pull-down device that drives HSB LOW
for 50 ns at the onset of a PowerStore.
When the U634H256 is connected for PowerStore ope-
ration (see Figure 1) and VCCX crosses VSWITCH on the
way down, the U634H256 will attempt to pull HSB
LOW; if HSB doesnt actually get below VIL, the part will
stop trying to pull HSB LOW and abort the PowerStore
Disabling Automatic STORES
If the PowerStore function is not required, then VCAP
should be tied directly to the power supply and VCCX
should by tied to ground. In this mode, STORE opera-
tion may be triggered through software control or the
HSB pin. In either event, VCAP (Pin 1) must always
have a proper bypass capacitor connected to it (Figure
April 21, 2004
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