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MX29F400BTA-12 查看數據表(PDF) - Macronix International

零件编号产品描述 (功能)生产厂家
Macronix International MCNIX
MX29F400BTA-12 Datasheet PDF : 44 Pages
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The Automatic Sector Erase does not require the de-
vice to be entirely pre-programmed prior to executing
the Automatic Set-up Sector Erase command and Auto-
matic Sector Erase command. Upon executing the Au-
tomatic Sector Erase command, the device will auto-
matically program and verify the sector(s) memory for
an all-zero data pattern. The system is not required to
provide any control or timing during these operations.
When the sector(s) is automatically verified to contain
an all-zero pattern, a self-timed sector erase and verify
begin. The erase and verify operations are complete
when the data on Q7 is "1" and the data on Q6 stops
toggling for two consecutive read cycles, at which time
the device returns to the Read mode. The system is not
required to provide any control or timing during these
When using the Automatic Sector Erase algorithm, note
that the erase automatically terminates when adequate
Table 4. Write Operation Status
erase margin has been achieved for the memory array
(no erase verification command is required). Sector
erase is a six-bus cycle operation. There are two "un-
lock" write cycles. These are followed by writing the set-
up command 80H. Two more "unlock" write cycles are
then followed by the sector erase command 30H. The
sector address is latched on the falling edge of WEor
CE, whichever happens later, while the command(data)
is latched on the rising edge of WE or CE, whichever
happens first. Sector addresses selected are loaded
into internal register on the sixth falling edge of WE or
CE, whichever happens later. Each successive sector
load cycle started by the falling edge of WE or CE, which-
ever happens later, must begin within 30us from the
rising edge of the preceding WE or CE, whichever hap-
pens First, otherwise, the loading period ends and inter-
nal auto sector erase cycle starts. (Monitor Q3 to deter-
mine if the sector erase timer window is still open, see
section Q3, Sector Erase Timer.) Any command other
than Sector Erase(30H) or Erase Suspend(B0H) during
the time-out period resets the device to read mode.
Q7 Q6 Q5 Q3 Q2 RY/BY
Byte Program in Auto Program Algorithm
Q7 Toggle 0 N/A No 0
Auto Erase Algorithm
0 Toggle 0
1 Toggle 0
In Progress
Erase Suspended Mode
Erase Suspend Read
(Erase Suspended Sector)
No 0 N/A Toggle 1
Erase Suspend Read
Data Data Data Data Data 1
(Non-Erase Suspended Sector)
Erase Suspend Program
Q7 Toggle 0 N/A N/A 0
Byte Program in Auto Program Algorithm
Time Limits Auto Erase Algorithm
Erase Suspend Program
Q7 Toggle 1
0 Toggle 1
Q7 Toggle 1
N/A No 0
1 Toggle 0
N/A N/A 0
1. Q7 and Q2 require a valid address when reading status information. Refer to the appropriate subsection for further
2. Q5 switches to '1' when an Auto Program or Auto Erase operation has exceeded the maximum timing limits.
See "Q5:Exceeded Timing Limits " for more information.
REV. 1.6, NOV. 12, 2001
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