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Part Name
AM29F016B-150EE Datasheet PDF : 38 Pages
First Prev 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38
Revision B
Made formatting and layout consistent with other data
sheets. Used updated common tables and diagrams.
Revision B+1
AC Characteristics—Read-only Operations
Deleted note referring to output driver disable time.
Figure 16—Temporary Sector Group Unprotect
Corrected title to indicate “sector group.”
Revision B+2
Added -70 speed option, deleted -75 speed option.
Distinctive Characteristics
Changed minimum 100K write/erase cycles guaran-
teed to 1,000,000.
Ordering Information
Added extended temperature availability to -90, -120,
and -150 speed options.
Operating Ranges
Added extended temperature range.
DC Characteristics, CMOS Compatible
Corrected the CE# and RESET# test conditions for
ICC3 and ICC4 to VCC ±0.5 V.
AC Characteristics
Erase/Program Operations; Erase and Program Oper-
ations Alternate CE# Controlled Writes: Corrected the
notes reference for tWHWH1 and tWHWH2. These param-
eters are 100% tested. Corrected the note reference for
tVCS. This parameter is not 100% tested.
Temporary Sector Unprotect Table
Added note reference for tVIDR. This parameter is not
100% tested.
Erase and Programming Performance
Changed minimum 100K program and erase cycles
guaranteed to 1,000,000.
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