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M28W160BT100N1T View Datasheet(PDF) - STMicroelectronics

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M28W160BT100N1T 16 Mbit (1Mb x16, Boot Block) 3V Supply Flash Memory ST-Microelectronics
STMicroelectronics ST-Microelectronics
M28W160BT100N1T Datasheet PDF : 45 Pages
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M28W160BT, M28W160BB
See Figure 2 Logic Diagram and Table 1,Signal
Names, for a brief overview of the signals connect-
ed to this device.
Address Inputs (A0-A19). The Address Inputs
select the cells in the memory array to access dur-
ing Bus Read operations. During Bus Write opera-
tions they control the commands sent to the
Command Interface of the internal state machine.
Data Input/Output (DQ0-DQ15). The Data I/O
outputs the data stored at the selected address
during a Bus Read operation or inputs a command
or data to be programmed during a Write Bus op-
Chip Enable (E). The Chip Enable input acti-
vates the memory control logic, input buffers, de-
coders and sense amplifiers. When Chip Enable is
at VILand Reset is at VIH the device is in active
mode. When Chip Enable is at VIH the memory is
deselected, the outputs are high impedance and
the power consumption is reduced to the stand-by
Output Enable (G). The Output Enable controls
data outputs during the Bus Read operation of the
Write Enable (W). The Write Enable controls the
Bus Write operation of the memory’s Command
Interface. The data and address inputs are latched
on the rising edge of Chip Enable, E, or Write En-
able, W, whichever occurs first.
Write Protect (WP). Write Protect is an input to
protect or unprotect the two lockable parameter
blocks. When Write Protect is at VIL, the lockable
blocks are protected and Program or Erase oper-
ations are not possible. When Write Protect is at
VIH, the lockable blocks are unprotected and can
be programmed or erased (refer to Table 4, Mem-
ory Blocks Protection Truth).
Reset (RP). The Reset input provides a hard-
ware reset of the memory. When Reset is at VIL,
the memory is in reset mode: the outputs are high
impedance and the current consumption is mini-
mized. When Reset is at VIH, the device is in nor-
mal operation. Exiting reset mode the device
enters read array mode, but a negative transition
of Chip Enable or a change of the address is re-
quired to ensure valid data outputs.
VDD Supply Voltage. VDD provides the power
supply to the internal core of the memory device.
It is the main power supply for all operations
(Read, Program and Erase).
VDDQ Supply Voltage. VDDQ provides the
power supply to the I/O pins and enables all Out-
puts to be powered independently from VDD. VDDQ
can be tied to VDD or can use a separate supply.
VPP Program Supply Voltage. VPP is both a
control input and a power supply pin. The two
functions are selected by the voltage range ap-
plied to the pin. The Supply Voltage VDD and the
Program Supply Voltage VPP can be applied in
any order.
If VPP is kept in a low voltage range (0V to 3.6V)
VPP is seen as a control input. In this case a volt-
age lower than VPPLK gives an absolute protection
against program or erase, while VPP > VPP1 en-
ables these functions (see Table 11, DC Charac-
teristics for the relevant values). VPP is only
sampled at the beginning of a program or erase; a
change in its value after the operation has started
does not have any effect and program or erase op-
erations continue.
If VPP is in the range 11.4V to 12.6V it acts as a
power supply pin. In this condition VPP must be
stable until the Program/Erase algorithm is com-
pleted (see Table 13 and 14).
VSS Ground. VSS is the reference for all voltage
Note: Each device in a system should have
VDD,VDDQ and VPP decoupled with a 0.1µF ca-
pacitor close to the pin. See Figure 8, AC Mea-
surement Load Circuit. The PCB trace widths
should be sufficient to carry the required VPP
Program and Erase currents.
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