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M40249DWS Datasheet PDF : 11 Pages
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Safety Instructions
• If the LCD panel is damaged, be careful not to get the
liquid crystal in your mouth and not to be injured by
crushed glasses.
• If you should swallow the liquid crystal, first, wash your
mouth thoroughly with water, then, drink a lot of water
and induce vomiting, and then, consult a physician.
• If the liquid crystal should get in your eye, flush your
eye with running water for at least fifteen minutes.
• If the liquid crystal touches your skin or clothes, re-
move it and wash the affected part of your skin or
clothes with soap and running water.
• EL or CFL backlight is driven by a high voltage with an
inverter. Do not touch the connection part or the wir-
ing pattern of the inverter.
• Do not use inverters without a load or in the short-cir-
cuit mode.
• Use the LCD module within the rated voltage to pre-
vent overheating and/or damage. Also, take steps to
ensure that the connector does not come off.
Handling Precautions
• Since the LCD panel has glass substrate, avoid apply-
ing mechanical shock or pressure on the module. Do
not drop, bend, twist or press the module.
• Do not soil or damage LCD panel terminals.
• Since the polarizer is made of easily-scratched mate-
rial, be careful not to touch or place objects on the dis-
play surface.
• Keep the display surface clean. Do not touch it with
your skin.
• CMOS LSI is used in the LCD module. Be careful of
static electricity.
• Do not disassemble the module or remove the liquid
crystal panel or the panel frame.
• Do not damage the film surface of the EL lamp; other-
wise the lamp will be damaged by humidity.
• To set an EL lamp in an LCD module, push the EL
lamp with its emitting side up, without pushing the rub-
ber connectors too hard. If you damage them, the LCD
module may not work properly.
Mounting and Designing
• To protect the polarizer and the LCD panel, cover the
display surface with a transparent plate (e.g., acrylic
or glass) with a small gap between the transparent plate
and the display surface.
• Keep the module dry. Avoid condensation to prevent
the transparent electrodes from being damaged.
• Drive LCD panel with AC waveform in which DC ele-
ment is not included to prevent deterioration in the LCD
• Contrast of LCD varies depending on the ambient tem-
perature. To offer the optimum contrast, LC drive volt-
age should be adjusted. LCD driven in a high duty
ratio must be provided with drive voltage adjustment
• Mount a LCD module with the specified mounting part/
• Design the equipment so that input signal is not ap-
plied to the LCD module while power supply voltage is
not applied to it.
• Do not locate the CFL tube and the lamp lead wire
close to a metal plate or a plated part inside the equip-
ment. Otherwise stray capacity causes a drop in volt-
age, decreasing the brightness and the ability to start-
• Do not wipe the polarizer with a dry cloth, as it may
scratch the surface.
• Wipe the LCD panel gently with a soft cloth soaked
with a petroleum benzine.
• Do not use ketonic solvents (ketone and acetone)or
aromatic solvents (toluene and xylene), as they may
damage the polarizer.
• Store the LCD panel in a dark place, where the tem-
perature is 25°C±10°C and the relative humidity be-
low 65%. If possible, store the LCD panel in the pack-
aging situation when it was delivered.
• Do not store the module near organic solvents or cor-
rosive gases.
• Keep the module (including accessories) safe from vi-
bration, shock and pressure.
• Use an LCD module with built-in EL backlight within
six months of delivery.
• EL backlight is easily affected by environmental con-
ditions such as temperature and humidity; the quality
may deteriorate if stored for an extended period of time.
Contact Seiko Instruments GmbH for details.
• Some parts of the backlight and the inverter generate
heat. Take care so that the heat does not affect the
liquid crystal or any other parts.
• Dust particles attached to the surface of the LCD or
the surface of the backlight degrade the display qual-
ity. Be careful to keep dust out in designing the struc-
ture as well as in handling the module.
• Black or white air-bubbles may be produced if the LCD
panel is stored for long time in the lower temperature
or mechanical shocks are applied onto the LCD panel.
On This Brochure
• Seiko Instruments GmbH reserves the right to make
changes without notice to the specifications and mate-
rials contained herein.
• The colors of the products reproduced herein may be
different from the actual colors. Check color on actual
products before using the product.
• The information contained herein shall not be repro-
duced in whole or in part without the express written
consent of Seiko Instruments GmbH
• The products described herein are designed for con-
sumer equipment and cannot be used as part of any
device or equipment which influences the human body
or requires a significantly high reliability, such as physi-
cal exercise equipment, medical equipment, disaster
prevention equipment, gas related equipment, vehicles,
aircraft and equipment mounted on vehicles.
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