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M16C/30P View Datasheet(PDF) - Renesas Electronics

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Renesas Electronics Renesas
M16C/30P Datasheet PDF : 317 Pages
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2. Notation of Numbers and Symbols
The notation conventions for register names, bit names, numbers, and symbols used in this manual are described
(1) Register Names, Bit Names, and Pin Names
Registers, bits, and pins are referred to in the text by symbols. The symbol is accompanied by the word
“register,” “bit,” or “pin” to distinguish the three categories.
Examples the PM03 bit in the PM0 register
P3_5 pin, VCC pin
(2) Notation of Numbers
The indication “b” is appended to numeric values given in binary format. However, nothing is appended to the
values of single bits. The indication “h” is appended to numeric values given in hexadecimal format. Nothing
is appended to numeric values given in decimal format.
Examples Binary: 11b
Hexadecimal: EFA0h
Decimal: 1234
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