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LM1084IT-3.3/NOPB 5-A Low Dropout Positive Regulators TI
Texas Instruments TI
LM1084IT-3.3/NOPB Datasheet PDF : 29 Pages
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Typical Applications (continued)
8.2.5 Adjustable Fixed Regulator
A simple adjustable, fixed range output regulator can be made possible by placing a variable resistor on the
ground of the device as shown in Figure 20 based on the fixed output voltage LM1084-5.0. The GND pin has a
small quiescent current of 5 mA typical. Increasing the resistance on the GND pin increases the voltage potential
across the resistor. This potential is then mirrored on to the output to increase the total output voltage by the
potential drop across the GND resistor.
Figure 20. Adjustable Fixed Regulator
8.2.6 Regulator with Reference
A fixed output voltage version of the LM1084-5.0 can be employed to provide an output rail and a reference rail
at the same time as shown in Figure 21. This simple application makes use of a reference diode, the LM136-5,
to regulate the GND voltage to a fixed 5 V based on the quiescent current generated by the GND pin. This
voltage is then added onto the output to generate a total of 10 V out.
Figure 21. Regulator with Reference
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