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ISD1700A Multi-Message Single-Chip Voice Record & Playback Devices Winbond
Winbond Winbond
ISD1700A Datasheet PDF : 31 Pages
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RESET must stay active for at least 1 µsec after all supply rails reach their proper
7.1.6 VOL Operation
Pulsing VOL Low changes the volume output. Each pulse on VOL will decrease the volume
until the minimum setting is reached. Subsequent pulses will increase the volume until the
maximum level is reached and the cycle will start again. There are 8 steps of volume control.
Each step changes the volume by 4 dB. The VOL is debounced internally. A
RESET operation will re-initialize the volume level to the default state, which is the maximum
7.1.7 FT (Feed-Through) Operation
The FT controls the feed-through path from the input to the output of the chip. When FT is
held Low, FT mode is enabled. By factory default, FT mode will pass AnaIn to SPK and AUD
outputs if the device is idle. It will record AnaIn to the memory during a record operation.
If this optional feature is enabled, after a recording operation, the LED output will blink once every
few seconds to indicate the presence of a new message. After a subsequent playback operation,
the vAlert will stop flashing.
SE editing can be accessed via push buttons. The first sixteen addresses are shared equally by
four Sound Effects (SE1, SE2, SE3, and SE4).
7.3.1 Sound Effects
The functions of SEs are as follows:
o SE1: Beginning of recording, forward or global erase warning
o SE2: End of recording, single erase or forward from last message
o SE3: Invalid operation
o SE4: Global erase
Whether or not the SEs are programmed, the LED will flash accordingly. The LED flashes
once for SE1, twice for SE2, and so on. The frequency of flashing depends upon the
sampling frequency selected and the power supply level used.
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Publication Release Date: March 28, 2005
Revision A0
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