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ISD1700A Multi-Message Single-Chip Voice Record & Playback Devices Winbond
Winbond Winbond
ISD1700A Datasheet PDF : 31 Pages
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Message record indicators:
a) When REC goes Low:
If present, SE1 is played and LED flashes once.
Then, the LED stays On to indicate that a recording is in progress.
b) When REC goes High or when the memory is full:
If present, SE2 is played and the LED flashes twice, and then remains Off to alert the
user that the recording process has been completed.
Triggering of REC during a play, erase or forward operation is an illegal operation and will be
7.1.2 Playback Operation
Two playback modes are executed by PLAY , which is internally debounced.
a) Edge-trigger mode: Pulsing PLAY Low once initiates a playback operation of the current
message. Playback automatically stops at the end of the message. Pulsing PLAY again
will re-play the message. During playback, the LED flashes and goes Off when the
operation stops. Pulsing PLAY to Low again during playback stops the operation. Under
these circumstances, the playback pointer remains at the start of the played message after
the operation is completed.
b) Sequential Playback mode: If PLAY is held Low constantly, all messages will be played
and looped from the current message to its previous message. This looping continues until
PLAY is released. After each message, SE1 is played. After the last message has been
played, SE2 is played, and then device plays the first message again. During the entire
playback operation, the LED flashes. When playback stops, the playback pointer will be
placed at the start of the halted message.
Triggering PLAY during a record, erase, or forward operation is an illegal operation and will
be ignored.
7.1.3 Forward Operation
The FWD allows the user to move the playback pointer to the next message in a forward
direction. When the pointer reaches the last message, it will jump back to the first message.
Hence, the movement is in a circular fashion among the messages. The FWD is debounced
internally. The effect of a Low-going pulse on the FWD depends on the current state of the
a) If the device is in power-down state and the current location of the playback pointer is not
the last message: the pointer will advance one message and, if present, SE1 is played.
The LED flashes once.
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