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UMP-12/2.1-Q12 View Datasheet(PDF) - DATEL Data Acquisition products

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UMP-12/2.1-Q12 High-Efficiency, Smaller-Package 25-40 Watt, DC/DC Converters Datel
DATEL Data Acquisition products  Datel
UMP-12/2.1-Q12 Datasheet PDF : 8 Pages
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Single Output
UMP Models
High-Efficiency, Smaller-Package
25-40 Watt, DC/DC Converters
s Higher operating temperatures
s Fully potted
s Designed to meet UL1950 and
EN60950 (basic insulation)
s mark available (75V-input models)
s Fully isolated, 1500Vdc guaranteed
s 25/30/35/40W output power
s Standard pinout! Smaller size!
s New 2" x 3" package fits 3" x 3" footprint
s 5V, 12V or 15V outputs
s Four input voltage ranges:
10-36V, 18-36V
18-75V, 36-75V
s High efficiency (to 85%)
s Input under and overvoltage lockout
s VOUT trim and on/off control
s Modifications and customs for OEM's
DATEL’s new UMP Models are fully potted, 25-40 Watt DC/DC converters
designed to meet UL1950 and EN60950 safety standards. The combination of the
UMP's higher efficiencies and thermally conductive potting compound enables
these devices to achieve higher operating temperatures without derating. The
2" x 3" UMP "footprint" conforms with the standard pinout and pin geometries of
most 3" x 3" devices (a 33% space savings) while delivering as much as 60% more
power (40W vs. 25W).
Applicable to a wide range of telecom, computer and other OEM applications,
UMP Model DC/DC’s operate from four input voltage ranges (10-36V for "Q12"
models, 18-36V for "D24" models, 18-75V for "Q48" models, and 36-75V for "D48"
models). Available output voltages are 5, 12 and 15 Volts.
For reliability and affordability, DATEL exploits contemporary, high-speed,
automatic assembly to construct the UMP’s traditional, field-proven, SMT-on-pcb
designs. Devices employ corrosion-resistant metal cases with plastic headers. Heat
generating transformer cores and power semiconductors are mounted directly to
the cases, which have threaded inserts for add-on heat sinks or pcb mounting.
Devices are specified for –40 to +100°C operation and derating information is
provided for operation with/without heat sinks and forced air flow.
All devices feature input pi filters, input undervoltage and overvoltage shutdown,
output overvoltage protection, output current limiting, and thermal shutdown. UL,
CSA, EN and IEC compliance testing is currently in progress (75V-input devices will
be CE marked) as are full EMI/EMC characterizations. Contact DATEL for the latest
available information.
Figure 1. Simplified Schematic
DATEL, Inc., Mansfield, MA 02048 (USA) Tel: (508)339-3000, (800)233-2765 Fax: (508)339-6356 Email: sales@datel.com Internet: www.datel.com
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