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MAQ3693NE View Datasheet(PDF) - Dynex Semiconductor

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Dynex Semiconductor Dynex
MAQ3693NE Datasheet PDF : 41 Pages
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Total Dose Radiation Testing
For product procured to guaranteed total dose radiation
levels, each wafer lot will be approved when all sample
devices from each lot pass the total dose radiation test.
The sample devices will be subjected to the total dose
radiation level (Cobalt-60 Source), defined by the ordering
code, and must continue to meet the electrical parameters
specified in the data sheet. Electrical tests, pre and post
irradiation, will be read and recorded.
GEC Plessey Semiconductors can provide radiation
testing compliant with Mil-Std-883 test method 1019, Ionizing
Radiation (Total Dose).
Total Dose (Function to specification)*
3x105 Rad(Si)
Transient Upset (Stored data loss)
5x1010 Rad(Si)/sec
Transient Upset (Survivability)
>1x1012 Rad(Si)/sec
Neutron Hardness (Function to specification) >1x1015 n/cm2
Single Event Upset**
<1x10-10 Errors/bit day
Latch Up
Not possible
* Other total dose radiation levels available on request
** Worst case galactic cosmic ray upset - interplanetary/high altitude orbit
Figure 44: Radiation Hardness Parameters
Unique Circuit Designator
Radiation Tolerance
S Radiation Hard Processing
R 100 kRads (Si) Guaranteed
Q 300 kRads (Si) Guaranteed
H 1000 kRads (Si) Guaranteed
Package Type
C Ceramic DIL (Solder Seal)
F Flatpack (Solder Seal)
N Naked Die
For details of reliability, QA/QC, test and assembly
options, see ‘Manufacturing Capability and Quality
Assurance Standards’ Section 9.
QA/QCI Process
(See Section 9 Part 4)
Test Process
(See Section 9 Part 3)
Assembly Process
(See Section 9 Part 2)
Reliability Level
L Rel 0
C Rel 1
D Rel 2
E Rel 3/4/5/STACK
B Class B
S Class S
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