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Dynex Semiconductor Dynex
MAQ3693FD Datasheet PDF : 41 Pages
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The terminal / subsystem interface consists of a 16 bit
bidirectional data highway and a number of control lines, many
of which are of optional use. The subsystem lines have been
arranged such as to allow a simple shared store technique to
be readily implemented but sufficient flexibility has been
designed to allow optimisation of the interface for a particular
subsystem design.
The terminal contains a 16 regisiter, called BIT word, which
records message errors and terminal status information. The
entire BIT word contents are reset by power up initialisation or
a legal mode command to reset remote terminal. The
conditions for the setting of the BIT, and any additional reset
conditions are given for each signal.
The contents of the BIT word register shall not be altered
by any of the following legal mode commands. Transmit
Status Word (TSW), Transmit Last Command (TLC) and
Transmit BIT Word (TBW).
Transmitter Timeout Error
On initialisation, the RT address, address parity and
broadcast enables are loaded from the subsystem via the data
highway, Figure 4. The subsystem status bits are also loaded
in a similar manner when required, Figure 5.
This terminal uses two distinct methods for dealing with
non mode data and mode data. In the first, a busy request /
acknowledge handshake is used to ensure no data transfer
takes place when the subsystem is busy thus ensuring no
addressing / data conflict of the main data store. Mode data,
however, may be transferred even if the subsystem has
declared itself busy. This represents a departure from previous
chipset philosophy.
The validation of a data transfer also depends on data type.
For non mode data, a data transfer request / acknowledge
handshake is used to transfer each data word to or from the
subsystem (both RT and BC) with a good block received
(GBRN) denoting a correct transfer. For mode data, a mode
data transfer (MDTN) is used to signal a mode data word with
correct transfer being denoted by mode data received
(MDRN). Thus, dependant on application, the l/O signals may
be significantly reduced.
An RT subsystem interface signal transfer is shown in
Figure 6.
TX Timeout Bus 1
TX Timeout Bus 0
Terminal Flag Inhibited
Bus 1 Shutdown
Bus 0 Shutdown
Illegal Broadcast
Word Count High
Word Count Low
Illegal Command
Illegal T/R Bit
Loop Test Failure
SS Handshake Failure
TX Timeout Error
15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
This BIT shall be set to logic one if transmitter timeout
occurs while the terminal is tranmitting. In addition, if the
terminal is issued with a legal mode command to Initiate Self
Test (code 00011) this bit shall be set if the range transmitter
timeout mechanism does not operate within the of 660 µs to
800 µs.
Subsystem Handshake Failure
This bit shall be set to logic one if the subsystem does not
acknowledge a terminal request to transfer a data word in time
for the transfer to take place correctly.
Loop Test Failure
At all times while the terminal is transmitting the relevant
receiver circuitry checks for an absence of transmission or any
sync, Manchester, parity or contiguity error in the terminals
transmission. This bit shall be set to logic one if any of these
error conditions are detected.
Illegal T/R Bit
This bit shall be reset to logic zero by the reception of any
valid command word with the exception TSW,TLC and TBW.
This bit shall be set to logic one if a valid mode command is
received with a transmit/receive (T/R) bit opposite to that
specified by MIL-STD-1553B.
Illegal Command
This bit shall be reset to logic zero by the reception of any
valid command word with exceptions TSW, TLC and TBW.
This bit shall be set to logic one if any of the following
conditions arise:
(a) The ILLEGAL COMMAND line to the subsystem
status latch is low at the time when INCMD goes
active low.
(b) A valid mode command is received with a reserved
mode code and the ALLOW CODE line to the
subsystem staus latch is high at the time when
INCMD goes low.
(c) An illegal transitter shutdown mode command is
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