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产品描述 (功能)
30FWJ2CZ47M Datasheet PDF : 5 Pages
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Abbreviation Code
Part No.
Part No. (or abbreviation code)
Lot No.
A line indicates
lead (Pb)-free package or
lead (Pb)-free finish.
Handling Precaution
Schottky barrier diodes have reverse current characteristics compared to other diodes.
There is a possibility SBD may cause thermal runaway when it is used under high temperature or high voltage.
Please take forward and reverse loss into consideration during design.
The absolute maximum ratings denote the absolute maximum ratings, which are rated values and must not be
exceeded during operation, even for an instant. The following are the general derating methods that we recommend
when you design a circuit with a device.
VRRM: Use this rating with reference to the above. VRRM has a temperature coefficient of 0.1%/°C. Take
this temperature coefficient into account designing a device at low temperature.
We recommend that the worst case current be no greater than 80% of the absolute maximum rating
of IO and Tj be below 100°C. When using this device, take the margin into consideration by using an
allowable Tamax-IO curve.
IFSM: This rating specifies the non-repetitive peak current. This is only applied for an abnormal operation,
which seldom occurs during the lifespan of the device.
Derate this rating when using a device in order to ensure high reliability. We recommend that the
device be used at a Tj of below 100°C.
Please refer to the Rectifiers databook for further information.
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