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PS2561AL-1-F3 View Datasheet(PDF) - California Eastern Laboratories.

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PS2561AL-1-F3 Datasheet PDF : 15 Pages
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GaAs Products
This product uses gallium arsenide (GaAs).
GaAs vapor and powder are hazardous to human health if inhaled or ingested, so please observe
the following points.
• Follow related laws and ordinances when disposing of the product. If there are no applicable laws
and/or ordinances, dispose of the product as recommended below.
1. Commission a disposal company able to (with a license to) collect, transport and dispose of
materials that contain arsenic and other such industrial waste materials.
2. Exclude the product from general industrial waste and household garbage, and ensure that the
product is controlled (as industrial waste subject to special control) up until final disposal.
• Do not burn, destroy, cut, crush, or chemically dissolve the product.
• Do not lick the product or in any way allow it to enter the mouth.
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