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PS2561AL-1-F3 Datasheet PDF : 15 Pages
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(4) Cautions
Avoid removing the residual flux with freon-based and chlorine-based cleaning solvent.
2. Cautions regarding noise
Be aware that when voltage is applied suddenly between the photocoupler’s input and output or between
collector-emitters at startup, the output transistor may enter the on state, even if the voltage is within the absolute
maximum ratings.
3. Measurement conditions of current transfer ratios (CTR), which differ according to photocoupler
Check the setting values before use, since the forward current conditions at CTR measurement differ according
to product.
When using products other than at the specified forward current, the characteristics curves may differ from the
standard curves due to CTR value variations or the like. This tendency may sometimes be obvious, especially
below IF = 1 mA.
Therefore, check the characteristics under the actual operating conditions and thoroughly take variations or the
like into consideration before use.
1. Protect against static electricity when handling.
2. Avoid storage at a high temperature and high humidity.
Data Sheet PN10222EJ08V0DS
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