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FDC37C669-MT Datasheet PDF : 162 Pages
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If the last sector to be transferred is a partial sector, the
host can stop transferring the data in mid-sector, and the
FDC will continue to complete the sector as if a hardware
TC was received. The only difference between these
implicit functions and TC is that they return "abnormal
termination" result status. Such status indications can be
ignored if they were expected.
Note that when the host is sending data to the FIFO of
the FDC, the internal sector count will be complete when
the FDC reads the last byte from its side of the FIFO.
There may be a delay in the removal of the transfer
request signal of up to the time taken for the FDC to read
the last 16 bytes from the FIFO. The host must tolerate
this delay.
Result Phase
The generation of FINT determines the beginning of the
result phase. For each of the commands, a defined set of
result bytes has to be read from the FDC before the result
phase is complete. These bytes of data must be read out
for another command to start.
RQM and DIO must both equal "1" before the result bytes
may be read. After all the result bytes have been read,
the RQM and DIO bits switch to "1" and "0" respectively,
and the CB bit is cleared, indicating that the FDC is ready
to accept the next command.
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