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FDC37C669-MT View Datasheet(PDF) - SMSC -> Microchip

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FDC37C669-MT PC 98/99 Compliant Super I/O Floppy Disk Controller with Infrared Support SMSC
SMSC -> Microchip SMSC
FDC37C669-MT Datasheet PDF : 162 Pages
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The address map, shown below in Table 1, shows the
addresses of the different blocks of the Super I/O
immediately after power up. The base addresses of the
FDC, IDE, serial and parallel ports can be moved via the
configuration registers. Some addresses are used to
access more than one register.
The host processor communicates with the FDC37C669
through a series of read/write registers. The port
addresses for these registers are shown in Table 1.
Register access is accomplished through programmed
I/O or DMA transfers. All registers are 8 bits wide except
the IDE data register at port 1F0H which is 16 bits wide.
All host interface output buffers are capable of sinking a
minimum of 12 mA.
Table 1 - FDC37C669 Block Addresses
3F0, 3F1 or 370, 371
Write only; Note 1, 2
Base +0,1
Floppy Disk
Read only; Disabled at power
up; Note 2
Base +[2:5, 7]
Floppy Disk
Disabled at power up; Note 2
Base +[0:7]
Serial Port Com 1 Disabled at power up; Note 2
Base +[0:7]
Serial Port Com 2 Disabled at power up; Note 2
Base +[0:3] all modes
Parallel Port
Disabled at power up; Note 2
Base +[4:7] for EPP
Base +[400:403] for ECP
Base1 +[0:7]
Disabled at power up; Note 2
Base2 +[6]
Note 1: Configuration registers can only be modified in configuration mode, refer to the configuration register description
for more information. Access to status registers A and B of the floppy disk is disabled in configuration mode.
Note 2:The base addresses must be set in the configuration registers before accessing the logical devices.
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